A Chat with Edyta Sliwinska, Co-Founder at Manchester-Based E-Wallet Provider: Frost

Frost is changing the way people manage their finances by automating typically laborious financial tasks and giving them the tools they need to monitor and grow their money.

By giving people greater control over their finances and helping them to become more spending savvy, we save them time and stress in a climate where every penny counts. Not only this, we also offer them the insights they need to secure their financial future, all within one application. That’s why we founded Frost, to help people conquer their finances through a service that makes things simple.
Frost the e-money account that helps you conquer your finances

How did you come up with the idea for Frost?

Everyone recognises that the cost of living crisis is squeezing people’s finances more than ever before. As rising commodity prices combine with the increasing energy price cap, not to mention the record-breaking inflationary measures we’re seeing right now, more and more people are struggling to manage their money.

And whilst the rise of neobanks has given people better visibility of their spending, this is only useful to users if paired with education on how to use money more efficiently. Therefore, they need the tools to save them time on menial tasks, like searching for the best utility and insurance deals. In integrating automated switching services within an e-wallet, Frost has created a compelling competitive advantage in comparison to existing neobanks.


How has Frost evolved over the last couple of years?

The evolution of Frost has been centered around constantly striving to improve our product to offer customers the most seamless experience achievable. This process has only been possible because we decided at an early stage that we wanted to manage all aspects of our operation in-house to ensure complete control and flexibility over our product.

Since launching Frost just earlier this year, we have processed 161169 transactions with a total value of £12 million.

What can we hope to see from Frost in the future?

We have huge ambitions for Frost, just imagine the bigger impact a proactive financial services provider could make. One that doesn’t just give the user visibility on spending, but automatically switches them to the best deals for key services and suggests smart savings and investments that will grow their wealth in the long-run.

We are looking to roll Frost out to the European and in time global market. The problem we are solving isn’t location-specific – and the impact we can have on users is limitless as we build on the concept and deliver new features and innovations over time.

As a business, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and on the route to becoming carbon neutral. Our debit cards are made from 80% recycled plastic, and you can even go virtual! You can order a physical card, or activate your virtual card and start paying instantly.