A Chat with Emma Campbell, PM at Fashion Tech Startup: Looklet

Looklet offers retailers and brands an economical and practical solution to e-commerce fashion image production. Through small process changes, in-house studios, and virtual styling, Looklet reduces the complexity of image production.

This, in turn, gets retailers’ images to market faster — all in a high-quality and cost-efficient manner. Often in the e-commerce sphere, it can take up to a few weeks to go online. With Looklet, products can go online sometimes within a day.

Looklet Management Acquires Majority Control of Company, Buys Out Former  Shareholder VeePee | Looklet AB
What do you think makes Looklet unique?

We digitise model photography to simplify, optimise, and boost fashion e-commerce photo production. Compared to other photo production options, our solution at Looklet is photorealistic and is consistently and extremely high-quality. We offer beautiful and consistent model imagery for e-commerce at scale, and we do it without models or photographers on set.

We have actually learned from our clients that they’ve saved 30% – 40% in photo production costs, and the cool thing is that our powerful styling software helps retailers mix and match garments and showcase outfits on models, even if they haven’t shot them at the same time and location.

They can restyle the garment as many times as they like without ever having to reshoot it.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Looklet was initially founded by fashion and advertising veterans who saw a need for a more sustainable and streamlined way to enhance retailers’ e-commerce presence. Our products allows retailers’ e-commerce efforts to be amplified with our Studio (plug & play solution) and our virtual styling software (it works everywhere around the globe – decentralizing the process).

Since then, we have grown our teams in both Sweden and New York and now work with retailers and brands across the globe. We’ve focused on developing our software to be even more user-friendly and intuitive, and added new tools like the Item Reviewer, monitoring software, and a Production Dashboard, a KPI tracker to support our client’s production.

We added Plus Size, Maternity, and Kidswear categories and will be launching another this fall.

What can we hope to see from Looklet in the future?

Some recent and exciting news is that we have officially launched our Dressing Room product. It’s been in the works for some time now and we’re now able to offer the product to retailers and brands. The Looklet Dressing Room leverages all of our core image rendering tech, along with our AI and 3D systems to create high-quality and colour-accurate imagery.

The next version will enable the consumer to capture an image and data of themselves directly from their smartphone for styling – it truly is like having a dressing room in your living room.