A Chat with Erika Brodnock, CEO and Founder at Parental Support App: Kami

Erika Brodnock

It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child. However, parenting through the post-digital era is fraught with isolation, loneliness and overwhelm associated with balancing work and parental responsibilities.

Kami Coach is a virtual village for modern parents and the managers who support them, providing instant, trusted answers to parents’ urgent questions through a conversational chatbot; followed by access to vetted health and wellness experts via video consultation. Driven by cutting-edge NLP, users can access daily wellbeing reports along with targeted suggestions to keep their minds healthy.

Developed by a team with expertise in Machine Learning, NLP, Psychology, Coaching, and Family Support, Kami Coach offers AI-driven coaching and support for key life events from consideration, through parenting and beyond and is perfectly positioned to provide parent-specific support alongside standard Employee Assistance Programs.
Kami | Parental Support

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Corporations are increasing their focus on attracting and retaining diverse talent, yet 73% of parents are dissatisfied with their employer’s assistance programmes due to a lack of personalisation and mental-wellbeing support. As a mum of five myself and a leading voice in the parenting space, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to juggle parenting with full-time work and how invaluable the right support at precisely the right time can be!

My work has always centred around using tech for good and Kami Coach is no exception. Family-forward organisations looking to improve inclusion, engagement, and wellbeing can sign up to Kami Coach and provide holistic support for their working parents. Our affordable matched-subscriptions policy provides access to the platform’s core features for low-income families in line with paid business customers.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

With many parents struggling through the pandemic, it is important that none are left behind when it comes to support provision and the need for applications and services like Kami Coach has grown exponentially.

Notably, our decision to ensure that our focus is on all parents including mothers, fathers, LGBTQ, surrogates, and single parents has been one of our key strengths. Fathers are often left behind when it comes to the provision of mental wellbeing support around child-rearing, yet most fathers doubled the time they spend on childcare throughout the pandemic and cited a lack of mental wellness as the main reason for not forming adequate bonds with their child.

What can we hope to see from Kami in the future?

We are close to closing our first external investment round and will be launching the beta version of the Kami Coach app at Black Tech Fest, an annual festival that is both virtual and in-person, where I will also be speaking about the need to increase diversity in tech through a combination of investment and company policies that enable non-majority groups to thrive.