A Chat with Federico Mattia Dolci, Founder and CEO at Visual Asset Management Platform: BOOM

BOOM is a SaaS business my co-founders (Jacopo Benedetti and Giacomo Grattirola) and I created in 2018 in order to power smart solutions for the collaboration, management and production of visual assets (e.g. images, video, branding and more).

Through a centralised end-to-end platform, our solution allows creative agencies, marketing companies and brands themselves to finally take complete control of the entire lifecycle of visual assets by creating, organising, collaborating on, and publishing content anywhere online, making their workflow fast and frictionless from start to finish.

How did you come up with the idea for BOOM? What do you think makes you unique?

Giacomo and I had been friends for a long time and happened to meet Jacopo during our studies, which is when the idea for BOOM was born. We were all photography enthusiasts and together had identified a gap in the market for a platform like BOOM that could pull visual assets together and serve as a collaboration tool, especially in the real estate sector where the main players at the time always had the same pain points; finding a professional photographer, getting hold of quality edited photos or videos in the quickest time possible, and maintaining consistency across all visual assets.

While there were what we could consider to be competitors in the industry, what made us unique at the time was not only the enthusiasm of three of us fresh out of college, but also our approach to professional photography. We knew what was missing and what the industry needed. Today, on top of producing excellent photos and videos ourselves, through our SaaS platform we give agencies, marketers and brands the opportunity to manage these assets and collaborate with their creative teams all in one place.

How has BOOM evolved over the last couple of years?

We realised that image production alone was not enough to satisfy the sheer market demand and as such in late 2020 we decided to heavily invest time and resources starting in creating an all-in-one platform that would fully serve the entire image supply chain, which we believe is essential for any brand working with visual assets. So, we created Worksite, the space where anyone can effectively manage their images, search them effectively (thanks to tags and filters, or even by colour), collaborate with colleagues and/or agencies on visual assets in order to optimize workflows and shorten time-to-market, and much more.

More recently, in June this year we announced the acquisition of LemonOne, the Berlin-based visual production start-up. This acquisition has strengthened our presence in Europe and has already helped to accelerate the delivery of our mission, allowing us to create a scalable environment that empowers digital companies to manage their full visual content lifecycle.

What can we hope to see from BOOM in the future?

Great question! Myself and the entire BOOM team are continuously striving for excellence and will continue to develop our platform in order to provide the best possible service to all our existing and future customers.

Through the acquisition of LemonOne we have expanded our offerings in terms of photo production, while continuing to invest resources into the technological development of Worksite. Spoiler: what do you think comes after photo production, management and publishing? That is what our big news will be in the coming months – watch this space!

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