A Chat with Fernando Saiz Camarero, CMO at AdTech Company: Techsoulogy

Fernando Saiz Camarero

Techsoulogy is our corporate brand, unifying a broad portfolio of specialist advertising, media, and entertainment firms. What makes Techsoulogy unique is that it encapsulates our method, recipe, and philosophy: Tech + Humans + Knowledge. In other words, we apply a human-first approach to the most advanced technology, constantly exploring, learning, and improving our solutions.

The driving force behind the creation of Techsoulogy was Tappx, one of Spain’s fastest-growing startups. During the analysis and the strategy definition phase for Techsoulogy, we found that customers appreciate the people and culture behind Tappx and other brands in the family as much as they value our tech.

We came to the realisation that people are our most important asset. This applies equally to our customers and partners as much as staff, so we wanted to highlight this unique selling proposition in the name of our new corporate brand by adding some ‘soul’.


How did you come up with the idea for Tappx originally?

In 2013, Daniel Reina and Tony Hervás, who are the current CEO and CTO of Tappx, were attempting to launch an e-commerce mobile app when they realised how difficult it was for small independent developers with modest budgets to attract users. They started to work in parallel with a free ad exchange community, which was the start of the Tappx journey and the first iteration of its cross-promotion platform.


And how has it evolved i.e. why are you launching Techsoulogy and why now?

From there on Tappx began to grow, becoming an SSP service initially and an AdTech firm with broader services later. Now we offer innovative app monetisation, user acquisition, and advertising solutions for publishers, app developers, brands and agencies.

Little by little, since the beginning, we became aware of how crucial it was to improve traffic quality standards in order to push the advertising industry in the right direction to the point that in 2019, we put forward a very strong proposal to improve industry quality standards. We launched two things: App-ads-txt-com, to help small independent developers to adopt IAB standards; and the Quality First Framework, an internal initiative to only select trustworthy, direct, owned, and operated traffic.

Tappx and its sister brands have grown bigger than we could have ever imagined, so it made perfect sense to launch a consistent umbrella brand that would unify everything. We launched Techsoulogy to reflect that we’re part of a global experience.

What can we hope to see from you in the future?

We will continue to grow our vision and proposition to create a more thoughtful, inclusive, transparent and empowering media industry, which puts human needs and society interests first. For example, in our endeavour to achieve effective results while protecting the interests of the media, advertisers and audiences, we also have our contextual advertising solutions that can enable audiences to be reached with greater accuracy and improve the consumption experience – while respecting user privacy.