A Chat with Frederik Muelke & Julius Simon, Founders at Sustainable Fashion Aggregator: FinSu

Finsu is shaping the future of shopping. Through a state-of-the-art tech-enabled rating system, we bring together credible, ethical fashion brands with easily comparable ratings and profiles that make shopping consciously quick and easy.

Shopping consciously has typically been a tedious and time-consuming task. Greenwashing is everywhere and people searching for sustainability find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of information available that is far too complex, disjointed and dispersed across the internet. In such a high-noise space, it’s difficult to uncover how sustainable a brand actually is, how it compares to others and where to buy its products (without spending all day).

Launched in December 2021, our platform is a first of its kind online marketplace powered by our comprehensive impact assessment tool. Shoppers can easily filter brands by their practices, compare conscious credentials and shop online. With easy to understand data, users are empowered to make more sustainable choices within seconds.

Through our platform, shoppers can find products from both up-and-coming ‘Eco Champions’ who are moving industry standards by building responsible value chains from the ground up, and well-known brands making genuine progress towards science-based sustainability targets. Through this inclusive approach, we aim to unlock conscious shopping for everyone while making sure brands action their sustainability pledges and gain the recognition they deserve.
Dr. Julius Simon on LinkedIn: Not yet a full year's roundup because our first birthday is still

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Julius studied his PhD focused on the sustainability reporting of big businesses and realised that it takes way too much time and effort to find sustainable stuff online. Working in corporate law, Frederik never seemed to have enough time to do the research needed for shopping better despite caring about his impact. Over time, we both started to feel a growing sense of climate anxiety and helplessness.

And we are not alone. Heightened urgency surrounding the climate crisis has meant that UK ethical consumer markets reached record levels of £122bn in 2020, up 11 times since 1999. 32% of consumers are highly engaged in adopting a more sustainable lifestyle and research indicates that the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating this shift.

So we decided to team up and make it our mission to help consumers find sustainable fashion in a way that is thorough and reliable but super quick and easy at the same time. We believe that “all things equal”, people will choose the ethical option. Finsu is built to break down the barriers to sustainable fashion and make it as easy as fast fashion. After all, convenience always wins, so Finsu is making conscious shopping so much more convenient.


What makes Finsu different from other businesses?

Many brands around the world, big or small, are taking actionable steps to reduce their impact; whether that’s fighting climate change, how they pay and treat their workers, supporting animal welfare or their charitable contributions and community engagements.

Consumers are welcoming these initiatives, but the need to individually research each brand before choosing to support them is proving a powerful barrier.

We recognise the brands that are transforming their processes to work towards a greener fashion industry and offer a one-stop destination helping consumers to recognise this too, in seconds. We are not just your everyday shopping portal, a fashion research directory or standalone blog for premium sustainability content. We are all of these in one, and then some.

What can we hope to see from Finsu in the future?

We launched a few months ago in the UK and have plans to expand across Europe and internationally. We will be announcing new partnerships with brands and tech businesses, and introducing exciting new features to make conscious shopping even more seamless with Finsu.

Above all, you will see us working as hard as we can to accelerate the movement away from fast fashion and towards a globally sustainable future.