A Chat with Fynn Kreuz, CEO at Swiss Blockchain (Bitcoin) Software Technology Company: Numbrs

Fynn Kreuz

Numbrs is a Swiss blockchain (Bitcoin) software technology company. In the tradition of Swiss Private Banks, Numbrs offers customers, worldwide, a Bitcoin Account that allows users to store their Bitcoins securely in Switzerland. With the Numbrs Bitcoin Account, the Bitcoins really belong to the customer and the customer alone.

Numbrs adheres to the strict Swiss standards of privacy, neutrality and stability. The Private Key is fully encrypted and secured in a military-grade bunker in the Swiss Alps. Our audited security systems are designed in a way that we cannot decrypt your private key and therefore has no access to the customer’s Bitcoins at any time. The Numbrs Bitcoin Account provides full control over your Private Key, so your assets are truly yours and fully protected.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

It all began with the idea of building a highly secure storage for our own Bitcoins. We have been investing in Bitcoin and Bitcoin-related projects since as early as 2013. Through years of development, Numbrs evolved from a leading multi-banking application to a global self-custody solution to secure and protect Bitcoins in Switzerland.

The Numbrs Bitcoin Account was built for the purpose of protecting our very own Bitcoins in Switzerland. The Board of Directors, the founder, and the members of management are obliged to store their Bitcoins in the Numbrs Bitcoin Account. Only in this way we can ensure that the interests of our families are aligned with the interests of our clients. Our role models are the Swiss private banks who have managed to store their clients’ assets discretely and securely for centuries.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Numbrs had transitioned towards entirely digitised workflows and organisational structures prior to the pandemic. This meant that the impact on the company from the pandemic was limited – even if it did sharpen the company’s focus on home working and enhancing the virtual work environment.

Contrary to the economic stagnation in major economies caused by the pandemic, cryptocurrencies flourished, with interest in Bitcoin skyrocketing as consumers sought a safe haven for their fiat in a time of great uncertainty. We continued to develop the Numbrs Account throughout the pandemic and were delighted to announce its release this week.

What can we hope to see from Numbrs in the future?

We think long-term and are not guided by short-term trends. In our decisions, we focus on security and sustainability for the benefit of all our stakeholders. We are deeply rooted in the Swiss tradition of neutrality. This means that we are always able to act in the best interests of our clients.

All of our actions are guided by our overarching goal: to provide our clients with the safest place to store their Bitcoins.