A Chat with Gail Waterman, Founder at Hair Loss Product Company: Watermans

The idea for Watermans was developed when both me and my husband began suffering from different variations of hair loss.

After a variety of products on the market, we could not find anything that did the trick and decided to create own formula.

I insisted we create our products to start off with for my benefit, but because it was so effective, I decided if it helped me and my husband it could help others who also hair loss problems.

With my mixed-race heritage causing fine, weak hair and my husband having started to lose the general thickness of his hair, we were both struggling to find a product that could help us both.

Prior to founding the brand I was former hairdresser and salon owner who had a background in the hair industry for over 32 years. My husband was a marketing expert and with this knowledge we both knew what high salon standard needed to be achieved when producing this product.

Me and my husband both did extensive research to create this formula, with the use of ancient natural ingredients and then worked with leading industry formulation experts to produce the products.

We started to see great results and then began to mass produce in 2014. The business has gone from strength to strength with positive reviews throughout the World.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Me and my husband did extensive research to create our own formula, with the use of ancient natural ingredients and then worked with leading industry formulation experts to produce our products.

The development journey began in 2012-2014 which was then tested by me and my husband and then brought into the salon environment to test on Gail’s salon customers where there was a range of different hair types, textures, and hair problems to experiment on and to substantiate the efficacy of their products.

GrowMe is our best selling hair growth shampoo. The award winning products went from selling 200 bottles a week to 200 a day to a bottle every 30 seconds across the World.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Our brand is currently stocked in Boots. We are also the only hairgrowth brand that has won a Queen’s award for Enterprise which is known as a prestigious business award in the UK.

We have launched new products in the UK and around the world. Our products are award winning regularly winning awards within the beauty scene. A favourite among celebrities it’s become the go-to hair product for hair growth problems. We believe in good karma and ensure we give out our famous GrowMe shampoo to hospital wards across the UK.

What can we hope to see from Watermans in the future?

More products to launch and hopefully get the products featured in more retailers. We would like to be a household name helping others with hairgrowth problems. We continue to want to help others with their hair health and hope to inspire others too.