A Chat with Gal Ekstein, GM and President at SaaS Mobile Analytics & Attribution Platform: AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer is a global leader in mobile marketing measurement, analytics, and engagement helping more than 80k companies – from startups to the world’s most prominent brands – to build better products, create exceptional experiences, and preserve customer privacy.

Built on the idea that brands can increase customer privacy while providing exceptional experiences, we service a wide range of stakeholders with the mobile ecosystem: brands, agencies, app developers, ad networks and, last but not least, end-users. Our customer-centric approach and innovative solutions help businesses make better decisions and build more meaningful customer relations.


What do you think makes this company unique?

Our commitment to bettering the ecosystem. For example, when Apple announced iOS14.5, the privacy era was propelled to new heights. While it definitely presented challenges, at AppsFlyer we realised this was an opportunity to restore trust and privacy to an industry that had been far too reliant on first-party data. Since then, we have been building a range of products that are all designed to ensure marketers can still generate insights without compromising on user privacy.

AppsFlyer also remains true to its core principle: to be radically unbiased and independent.
We see that as our obligation to our customers, partners and the entire ecosystem, as well as responsibility for everyone who uses a connected device.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Privacy and security have long been integral parts of AppsFlyer’s technology, but undoubtedly the industry’s privacy push in the last few years has contributed in shaping a large part of our efforts and investments in these areas. We have been focusing on researching and developing long-term innovative privacy-preserving solutions with the aim of enabling better, safer digital experiences while building a trusted and efficient measurement framework for the mobile marketers.

The shift to aggregated data has been a major step in the evolution of the entire ecosystem, and we are proud to have developed a suite of tools and solutions that allow marketers to accurately measure the impact of their campaigns without the need of user-level data.
Most recently, we have launched the Privacy Cloud, a trusted data clean room environment that enables ecosystem collaboration and innovation while preserving privacy. We believe secure collaboration is the foundation of privacy-led measurement.

What can we hope to see from AppsFlyer in the future?

Our vision and goal is to facilitate digital experiences that consumers love in a safer and privacy centric way. To this end, the end-user experience is the linchpin of our strategy guiding our decision making, planning and product roadmap.

We see the solution to the current challenges in the digital ecosystem – web, mobile, CTV, IoT and even the newly defined metaverse – lying at the intersection of user experience, privacy, and safety. Focusing on these three key pillars will allow us to support the ecosystem with both the short and long term challenges and those that lie ahead.

Thanks also to our ongoing integrations with major platforms across the ecosystem alongside industry partnerships – the most recent being with Intel for our Privacy Cloud – we will be able to introduce and accelerate a new level of collaboration and interoperability for the entire ecosystem that have never been possible before.

We are also supporting marketers with creative optimisations across the entire funnel, including paid ads, owned media, App store creatives, and within the app. With privacy changes pushing marketers to focus on the top of their funnel, strong creatives will be key to ensuring they deliver a coherent, contextual and smooth experience for their customers.

As a trusted and independent measurement partner, we take our role in educating the industry very seriously. For example, we have recently released a benchmark tool with the industry’s most comprehensive benchmarking data that will allow marketers to compare their app performance against competitors and make better marketing choices.