A Chat with Gary Bennion, Managing Director at Cloud Management Platform: CloudM

Gary Bennion, CloudM

CloudM is SaaS data management platform at the centre of your collaborative universe and digital workplace. Every business is different, so it’s about choosing which digital worksplace is best for your business, keeping your data secure, and making sure employees are productive – which CloudM empowers you to do.

Within the platform, from one place, you can manage all of your onboarding, offboarding, migrations and movement of people and their data.
CloudM | Cloud Migration and Management Software

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

CloudM was born out of a migration tool created for Google Services Partner Cloud Technology Solutions.

The company secured a landmark deal with The Economist, but needed to facilitate the migration of all of the business’ data from Novel Groupwise, over to Google as a requirement of the deal. CTS built a tool specifically for this deal and that’s when CloudM was born.

Fast forward a year, we added more source platforms to the application and suddenly realised that we could licence this to other google partners around the world to assist with their customers’ migrations.

I joined CTS in 2017 with a product and marketing background to focus on this new work. We had around 12 people dedicated to the software side of the business but quickly grew to a team of 80. We later rebranded to CloudM as a separate business entity, under the wider CTS Group parent company banner.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Internally, not a great deal has changed as we’ve always followed a hybrid working approach. As a cloud business we were already set up for home-working and our offices facilitate hybrid working too.

From a cultural point of view, we’ve had to work harder at communicating over the past year, especially as we grew. We had to adapt, change our communication style and find a middle ground between keeping in touch with colleagues, and being swamped with video calls.

Looking at the product, I think we’ve done three years worth of development in one year because the software is now more relevant than ever. We found two areas where platforms became essential to businesses.

The first is migration. A lot of companies were half in the cloud half out, and managed to survive like that for a year, but now there’s a lot of data housekeeping happening. The other is onboarding and offboarding, which is very different when carried out remotely compared to in the office. Requesting access to certain files or applications isn’t as easy when you’re not in the office, so there’s a lot of vital work we do for businesses in that area.

What can we hope to see from CloudM in the future?

We want to disrupt the status-quo within the cloud sector, by showing organisations that they can avoid vendor lock-in and move freely within the cloud , giving them more choice, and ultimately helping them to manage data in the way that’s right for them.

We have a fantastic team who are continually striving for innovation, and have some game-changing developments coming to the platform very soon all of which will help organisations to be more efficient, save time and save money.