A Chat with Gaurav Dubey, CEO at Crypto Start-up Incubator: TDeFi

TDeFi is an incubator that works with crypto startups. We meet people with ideas, proposals, and raw creativity, and handhold them in building tokenized business models. We don’t shy away from committing months or maybe years of our time and resources into getting a startup off the ground. We help startups raise funds and assist them in launching their business.

Moving forward, we transition into being a lifetime advisory. We actively engage in dialogue with the team about daily operations, tokenomics, and more like bootstrapping liquidity for new DeFi startups. Apart from all these, we also help startups in networking by connecting them to our extensive network of real-world enterprises.

Please share a little insight into the journey of TDeFi. Also, what do you think makes TDeFi unique?

About the journey of TDeFi, we have incubated, mentored, and advised around 50 companies. An overwhelming number of them have kicked off their success journey.

In the past 8 years, we have funded more than 100 crypto startups. Alongside, we have inspired more than 100,000 students from around the world to become crypto entrepreneurs through BizThon. Imagine even if 10-20% of them started their crypto ventures, the industry would thrive.

The uniqueness of TDeFi is that we are not bound by any limits in nurturing startups. Timeframes or financial metrics don’t limit our commitment to the startups. The holistic nature of our commitment is in itself a unique deliverable. We are devoted to the success of our startups and their sustainable growth. We think of ourselves as long-term partners for these startups.

That is an amazing journey of collective growth: Amidst this success, what were the challenges that TDeFi faced?

Being an Indian crypto firm, we have always been subject to uncertainties on the regulatory aspect. The lack of clarity in crypto regulations, unhealthy tax rates, and unfavorable business environment is driving talent out of India.

Other struggles were common to the industry like the lack of acceptance and adoption for the crypto industry across the globe. When we started TDeFi, there was bare minimum recognition.

However, in the last 7 years, a lot of countries including India have embraced the cryptocurrency revolution. I have attended around 100 cryptocurrency events globally in a year – which shows the mass adoption of crypto and the growing belief in decentralization. This inspires us to work harder and build holistic solutions working with the smartest brains in the world.

What can we hope to see from TDeFi in the future?

The future of TDeFi is an interesting question, I can envision TDeFi being the gold standard of ethical practices and quality. Not only us, but we are also striving to ensure that all the startups we mentor shall comply with the regulations and policies in place. We are also working on facilitating access to the best resources for our startups.

We also would love to see our startups be recognized and backed by the top investors of the world. It shall further solidify the ethos and principles we at TDeFi stand for. Apart from that, we are putting our best foot forward to realize our vision of spreading wealth and breaking the concentration of wealth, and eventually producing the unicorns of tomorrow.


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