A Chat with Gavin Gleave, CEO at Adaptive Management Reporting Software: fu3e.

fu3e. is an adaptive management reporting software designed specifically for Real Estate Funds, Asset Owners, Developers and Professional Consultants. fu3e. is the umbrella above existing management software, offering two products: Business Impacts – to manage development risks, and Digital PMO – to digitise the management process. Each provides management reporting and processing with remarkable efficiency.

fu3e. helps our clients achieve unrivalled real-time visibility of cost, risk and compliance information across their portfolio and projects. The fu3e. platform brings all your data together into a single source of truth, allowing you to evaluate investments and opportunities.


What makes fu3e. unique?

What makes fu3e. unique is that it is a complete reporting solution, all under one roof. This system offers customisation of modules, offers integrated solutions for digitising existing business processes, file storage, dashboard reporting, task management and more.

Our software allows for the automation of your traditionally manual activities, whilst integrating with your existing tools. fu3e. technology allows gaining full visibility across portfolios, via our hierarchy of dashboard reporting and views. Because simplicity is at the heart of what we do, we have created a solution that reduces the need for large changes in your organisation and can be deployed in modules, to reduce the impact on operations.

Businesses need a flexible technology that will adapt to their business operation structure – processes and dashboards can be configured to mimic existing reporting structures. The reporting tool has been designed for executives, to provide a simple and intuitive experience, whilst offering a single source of truth – aiding in key business decisions at every stage of the real estate life cycle.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

We have been focusing on improving the fu3e. offering, by adding to and enhancing our solutions towards connectivity. We continue to focus on the simplicity of design. Easy navigation and analysis at all levels of an investment, from portfolio views to sector, fund & region reporting, to individual assessments of asset performance. All are synced and updated in real time.
We continue to provide clients with a totally adaptable solution that they may utilise to digitise their businesses and automate their reporting needs.

What can we hope to see from fu3e. in the future?

We are constantly working on improving view hierarchy, automation, and communication to make sure we offer the best solution to our users.

Currently, we are expanding the scope of our integration and automation support. While giving users more authority and control over the data, our goal is to save our clients as much time as we can. We think we can automate a lot of tasks that are now done by hand by improving these two areas in addition to our dashboarding capabilities. developing a scalable solution for companies looking to expand. Watch this space!