A Chat with Geneva Loader From Caduceus: The Blockchain Solution For The Metaverse

Geneva Loader

Caduceus is the first blockchain protocol dedicated to Metaverse development. Caduceus’ ambition is to provide the infrastructure for the future of entertainment and the enabler of the digital world, where the dream of science fiction becomes the reality of many.

Developers can migrate, render and stream leveraging our decentralised edge rendering, providing an infrastructure layer for exciting Web 3 and Metaverse projects. Caduceus offers up to 100,000 transactions per second, easy cross chain tech with EVM compatibility and multichain bridges.  



How did the idea come to life for Caduceus, what makes it unique?

Through their early start-up experience in the Web 3 space, the Caduceus founders identified an opportunity to build a scalable foundation for metaverse development. 

Building a Layer 1 chain was the perfect opportunity to leverage network connections within the technology and enteriainemnt industry to provide the infrastructure for diverse initiatives as the future of entertainment evolves. 

This vision led to the development of the blockchains USPs including; faster transactions speeds, decentralised edge rendering specifically for metaverse concepts and an easy on-boarding process for EVM projects to choose a faster development framework.


How has the company evolved over since being launched

There are three main areas Caduceus have developed since the Mainnet launch on April 28th 2022. 

Technology development: Boasting groundbreaking technology including Edge Rendering, Extended Reality (XR) and pioneering 3D, Caduceus has safely secured its place in the crypto world. As a new innovative infrastructure layer for Web3 projects, Caduceus provides creators with the efficient building blocks for Metaverse development, empowering them to realise their vision. 

Caducues continues to build a viable eco-system to support onboarding through multiple wallet integrations and USDT cross-chain integrations. 

Listing and funding: CMP native token now listed on KuCoin, MEXC, Gate, Bybit, Coinw and Bitget with several additional venues coming over the next 3 months. 

Funding continues to be a focus after successfully closing a strategic investment round A led by Susquehanna International Group. Additional investment and funding opportunities will continue to be a focus of the leadership team into Q1 2023.

Projects and partnerships: Caduceus now have over 80 projects deployed on the chain and this number continues to grow with additional terms on-boaridng through the global Caducues Incubator, M4TTER 

Within the partner network there are two other business units; LightCycle, the NFT marketplace and MetaRace, the proprietary GameFi project. Both deliver proven use cases of the internal Caducues blockchain development capabilities to support GameFi and NFT projects at scale.

Caduceus are continuing to grow CMP token partnerships, similar to the HAPE Prime ecosystem exclusive coin integration, as well as build on the engaging community of over 500k social followers.


What is currently happening at Caduceus and what does the future hold for it in the next few years?

The future looks bright for the Caduceus blockchain and the native CMP token. The team continues to build a solid roadmap including global Metavserse events, incentivised hackathons, further development of edge rendering solutions and exciting new Web 3 projects being brought to life.