A Chat with Georges Khairallah, Chief Commercial Officer at CleanTech Start-Up: Sküma Water,

Sküma Water is a CleanTech startup making a 100% no-plastic beverage making system. Sküma Water is a remineralisation countertop water system that generates minimal waste while providing consumers with electrolyte-enhanced pure water based on their personal needs throughout the day, with no installation required.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Water will and has always been the most valuable resource. Given our background in engineering, and our multi-cultured backgrounds, we wanted to design a hydration system that can work all around the world, as many countries rely on single-use plastic bottled water for hydration.

We spent 2.5 years engineering the system for minimal waste, optimal hydration and with a specific emphasis on recreating functional healthy beverages.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Prior to our crowdfunding launch earlier this year, we spent the past two years and a half focusing on building the product. We received funding from the Spark’s Design Council accelerator program to kick us off, and then built a community of strong early adopters where we tested, learned, re-designed numerous prototypes based on their vital feedback.

Even after launching the crowdfunding, we’re still working closely with our early adopters to continuously enhance the product and user-experience

Today, Sküma Water has closed its £300,000 pre-seed round, which was led by the early-stage VC backed firm Jenson Funding Partners.

What can we hope to see from Sküma Water in the future?

Our goal is to disrupt the single-use plastic beverage industry by allowing consumers to make their favourite functional beverages from the tap, no matter where they are. As we continue to grow, you can expect more functional infusions to be released to meet your hydration requirements throughout the day.