A Chat with Glenn Merritt, Founder & Managing Partner at Data and Analytics Solutions Partner: Intuita

Intuita is a UK based data solutions and analytics provider which helps large organisations build sustainable and future-proof data ecosystems that drive transformative insights. Our team comprises data leaders with vast experience in solving complex data problems and supporting businesses to adopt a data-driven culture.

We work by understanding our clients’ IT environments, helping to diagnose the core issues and building the roadmap to reach the desired goals. We have extensive experience delivering data solutions for telco, retail, gaming, media and finance organisations.
Intuita - Data and Analytics Solutions Partner

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The company was born out of frustration for the way in which large organisations, and their chosen partners, saw data-led services and project delivery. Having seen so many projects fail, and money wasted, in the attempt to deliver quality, the answer was normally the deployment of hundreds of IT people to solve a complex problem.

At Intuita, our approach is different, as we utilise a small number of genuine experts to solve complex problems in bite size chunks, and against a vision and strategy that will deliver our customers business value. This sounds simple, but requires the use of seasoned experts who are given the latitude to do what they’re great at.

This was another driver for creating Intuita: my belief that specialisms are a good thing and that these technical experts should be rewarded for their uniqueness. These people with unique skills and experience should not be hidden away whilst watching generalist career paths become prominent. We work in partnership with our clients, that gives them access to every individual in the business. If a particular expert could help on a project, we bring them in to help and then they move on to the next problem. Our model disrupts the outdated IT services model, and we will give clients access to Intuita, not just a few named individuals with the biggest titles.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The pandemic coincided with significant growth and we have more than doubled in size since 2020, but it presented challenges in recruiting and onboarding new staff. We have a specific set of shared values that we look for in candidates, such as collaboration, quality and an ability to handle constant pace and change; these aren’t easy to judge over Zoom!

We made a concerted effort to protect everyone’s mental health, from small things like “Zoom socials” to specific mental health support and broadening our employee benefits packages. I believe we have been successful in maintaining a sense of collaboration and team unity both from a work and personal sense, especially as we were a close-knit team at the start of the pandemic. I think we’ve retained this closeness, even though half of the team are “new”, which we’re extremely proud of.

For new projects and client engagements, we replaced initial on-site deep dives with a series of smaller information gathering chats and found that these actually work better than our previous approach. We evolved our internal processes to keep information flowing and ensure everyone remained connected, both on a personal level and in sharing knowledge.

We also opened offices in London and Liverpool during the pandemic, so many of these lessons of full remote working have enabled us to operate with a true hybrid model of staff across many locations.

What can we hope to see from Intuita in the future?

Our focus is on developing more partnerships and building on our existing deep relationships, which are based on trust and understanding of our clients’ and partners’ core businesses. The next phase of our evolution is to find ways to more effectively market the benefits of doing things well at the deepest levels of data to far more businesses. In this, we see a return to some of the old-world values of sorting out a company’s data fundamentals and culture to enable success in the new world.

Partly due to the pandemic, we now have an operating model with strong foundations capable of handling rapid expansion. We see a world of opportunities for businesses like Intuita – those that understand the benefits of having a deep affinity with data and how data excellence can transform and improve an organisation. We’re excited to see what happens next!