A Chat with Gökçe Nur Oguz, CEO and Co-Founder at Intelligent Marketing Platform: Playable Factory

Playable Factory is a company that focuses on the creative needs of digital advertisers. The focus is mostly on playable ads and recently on video ads for gaming clients specifically. Our secret (or not so secret) weapon is Gearbox, an online editing, tracking and iterating platform for creatives.

This is split into two: Gearbox Playable, create your own tailor made playable ads (create, iterate, download and repeat) and Gearbox Video, a tool that allows users to record gameplays easily and create/edit/tweak to their heart’s desire. You can generate hundreds of videos in an automated process with one click.
Playable Factory – Better Playables Better Results

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Gaming was booming back in 2018, which is when we founded the company – and still is today. All our friends were working in the sector and we wanted to be part of it too. It was brand new to us.

Monetization, LTV, CPI… sounded like another language to us but gradually we learnt from our friends and tapped into the scene. As we grew our understanding, we realised playable ads played an important role. If done well, they can add to the experience of gaming.

But good ones were frustratingly hard to find. So, along with my co-founders, Berat and Omer, we started making them ourselves and the rest is history.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The pandemic and global lockdowns encouraged people to turn to technology for all of life’s joys and functions: social connection, distraction, socialising and pretty much everything else. Most importantly, it allowed us to connect with friends and family outside of our own home that we couldn’t see in the real world.

Naturally, with gaming being all about virtual interaction, the pandemic very much played into the hands of our industry. Cut to today – there are close to 3bn gamers worldwide (more than ever before) and so monetising these games has become more important than ever before. That’s where we fit in – helping to monetise mobile games with playable and video ads.

We’re growing at an incredible rate. Last month, we doubled the number of playable ads created on our platform versus the previous month and now count top game publishers, devs and brands as clients.

What can we hope to see from Playable Factory in the future?

The launch of our video creation tool, Gearbox Video was huge for us this year. Our customers love it as it allows anyone to create their own gameplay video ads without any minimal effort – just plug-in and go.

Our next focus will be around HTML5 and Instant Gaming and over the longer term, we are closely following moves within the worlds of Web3, Play to Earn and the metaverse. Our R&D team is capable of creating new tools and technology so watch this space