A Chat with Heidi Normanton, Founder at Low-Carb Keto Wholesaler: We Are Heylo

Founded in 2021, Heylo is the UK’s first, and only, wholesaler and distributor specialising in low-carb and keto products.
In addition to supplying wholesale, Heylo also offers everything from ‘how-to’ e-books and food bundle starter guides through to sweet treat bundles and low-carb pasta products on a B2C basis, catering for women at all stages of their keto and low-carb journey.

Heylo is proud to only offer the best products in the industry. Every product stocked by Heylo has undergone testing to ensure it not only tastes amazing, but also provides great value for money too. Since being launched less than 18 months ago, Heylo has already built partnerships with global leading food and drink brands in the industry including Locako, Nick’s and Palmini.

What do you think makes this company unique?

We truly do care about each and every one of our customers on both a B2C and B2B level. Heylo was created to not only provide easy access to food and drink items for those following the low-carb and keto lifestyle, but it has also been designed to provide insight and guidance to those that require it too. We are on a mission to help women everywhere to understand the huge impact ingredients have on wellbeing and how living a low-carb, keto lifestyle comes with a whole host of positive benefits for your body and mind.

We are committed to supporting the growth of our partner brands and we regularly listen to customer feedback and share this and buying habits to support our partner brand’s development. This customer data sets us apart from other wholesalers and provides insight that others are unable to.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Since launching just over one year ago, we have already served over 10,000 customers with this number rapidly increasing on a daily basis.

We have built great relationships with our partner brands and have become the leaders in the industry for low-carb and keto food and drink products.

Most recently, we have developed and launched the first item in our own product range – a low-carb and keto friendly bread loaf.

What can we hope to see from Heylo in the future?

The future of Heylo is certainly exciting!

Following the successful launch and brilliant customer feedback from the launch of our own bread, we are now working on the development of additional products to add to our own range, including granola. Like our bread, these products will be sold via our wholesale partners as well as the amazing customers who rely on Heylo for low-carb and keto food and drink products.

Over the coming months, we also plan to build more partnerships with businesses, including start-ups, in the industry to provide a vast range of food and drink products for our customers. We want to continue being the best in the industry and by offering a wider selection of products and partnering with more amazing brands we are confident we can continue to achieve this.