A Chat with Hendrik Isebaert, CEO at Enablement Operating System: Showpad

Showpad is the world’s leading Enablement Operating System (eOS™), with over 1,200 customers in over 50 countries. Content lives at the core of our platform and creates a single source of truth that aligns sales and marketing throughout the course of the sales cycle, while putting customers at the heart of the sales motion.

As well as orientating teams around impactful content, we facilitate powerful training and coaching of sales professionals, empowering them to engage with modern buyers with intelligence and relevance, while generating the necessary insights to supercharge content, enable additive conversations and continuously improve sales conversion rates.

We pride ourselves on equipping sellers with the competitive edge – whether they’re in the field or at a desk – by maximising value, volume and velocity of deals across the B2B sales landscape.


What do you think makes this company unique?

We’re the only platform that combines it all – content, coaching, conversational intelligence, video engagement and insights – into one integrated, centralised solution known as the Enablement Operating System (eOS™). This can be deployed quickly from as little as six weeks, helping to deliver against key value metrics faster than other similar platforms.

Rather than delivering increased control over sellers, we empower them to show up as true business consultants so that their buyer interactions are more impactful and collaborative.

While traditional sales enablement technologies focus on driving efficiencies across dated content formats, they lack Showpad’s capabilities to train and guide sellers on using content in the right context.

We also provide a scalable and flexible ecosystem that’s built to connect to all key elements of a company’s existing tech stack, with well-documented SDKs to allow businesses to customise the platform according to their unique needs.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

We were founded in 2011 to help marketing and sales teams stand out at tradeshows, but quickly responded to a clear requirement from the market to identify opportunities for buyer personalisation. Over time, we expanded our solution with 3D and AR capabilities and virtual deal rooms.

As the market evolved, we saw that buyer expectations kept rising but sellers were not equipped to meet them. Four years ago we launched the market’s first enablement platform that combined content and training, quickly expanding into conversational intelligence and asynchronous video communication – a requirement that became even more prevalent during and following the pandemic.

More recently, we unveiled our Enablement Operating System (eOS™), reinforcing our position as category architects. Showpad is intent on building both the depth and breadth of our solutions and continuing to empower our customers to accelerate revenue growth through better buyer engagements.

What can we hope to see from Showpad in the future?

We exist to ensure that organisations reach buyers in the ways they want to be reached. So – as buyers’ expectations, needs and habits evolve – Showpad will also evolve.

Our ongoing commitment to innovation – largely focused on transformation services and capabilities – is reflected by 28% of our revenue being invested in R&D, and over 200 engineers developing updates and new features twice a day.

We’re dedicated to establishing sales enablement as mission-critical for every organisation. In line with this, we aim to grow the broader market category and take the sales and revenue enablement proposition into the mainstream globally.