A Chat with Ian Moore, Founder at Digital Agency: Excellent Zephyr

Excellent Zephyr is a digital agency that delivers the best solutions and services on the market to transform, innovate and grow retail brands.

From our years of experience, we understand the unique challenges that retailers have to face on a daily basis. That’s why we have developed our effective end-to-end solutions and services to tackle these challenges head-on!

As trusted NetSuite Solution Provider partners, we can confidently implement, integrate and automate NetSuite ERP to create a truly unified retail experience.

Our customers include renowned retail brands such as Lulu Guinness, Trinny London, ALDO and Gym + Coffee.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I came up with the idea to start Excellent Zephyr because after working for years within the retail technology industry I started to identify a huge demand from growing retailers for cloud-based retail technology that would help scale their business. I was working with brands, talking to them about their challenges and pain points on a daily basis – so I knew there was a big gap in the market for an ERP and Integration agency that specialises in end-to-end retail.

There are a few agencies in the UK who do aspects of what we do, but not specifically for retail. And one of the biggest challenges for brands is when there are too many parties involved in a transformation project. We have the resources to do it all for them.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

The company has evolved in many ways, especially over the last year. Our turnover has shot through the roof compared to 2021, which has allowed us to recruit talented people to join the team. This has gone hand in hand with the expansion of our customer base and service offerings.

We have also been able to laser in on our ideal customers within retail which has helped with our messaging.

What can we hope to see from Excellent Zephyr in the future?

We are looking to establish ourselves as THE recognised experts for ERP and integration within retail. This ties in with us constantly wanting to expand our portfolio and work with exciting, fast-growing brands.

Finally, we’re exploring the idea of expanding into new international markets, we’ve identified some already that we think would be ideal for our service offerings.