A Chat with Irman Abdic, CEO at AI Tech Start-Up: Bleenco

Bleenco is a technology startup from Munich, founded in April 2017. Our main product Bleenco Go is an AI platform that empowers enterprises to easily build custom AI solutions without coding or procure AI solutions that someone else has built.

Bleenco Go offers its users the following benefits:

Clients are able to build working AI solutions 8 times faster and 12 times cheaper when compared to the status quo.

Clients can connect their AI solution to existing sensors, hardware and infrastructure, so clients can amortise the existing equipment and use their favourite suppliers.

Clients can deploy solutions that work both online or offline, are transparent, and comply with EU data privacy regulations and other worker union regulations.

Our mission is to empower everyone to be an efficient problem solver.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The core idea of Bleenco Go combines several concepts, including, but not limited to streaming, functional programming, microservices and Marvin Minsky’s concept called “The society of mind” where mind is seen as a society of independent components that are performing basic tasks unaware of the bigger picture, and then, there are managers which make sure to coordinate processes in a way that it makes sense.

If you can break down big problems into small pieces, and then solve each piece separately and connect these small solutions into a larger structure, you can solve very complicated problems very fast. Our product enables the creation of robust AI solutions without the user requiring all the knowledge needed to utilize every small piece used to solve the problem. And for a lot of companies, this is an attractive value proposition, as today, many companies are not able to leverage AI in their workflows given the fact that they neither have the tools nor the resources to succeed in building complicated AI solutions.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The first month looked a bit scary, especially with the entire shock and pause that everyone went through. But soon after, we saw that many of our clients wanted to automate manual processes and remotely control their processes in production.

If you are the largest chemical producer in the world, you simply can’t just stop the production – that would be a complete chaos. You have to keep your production running and make sure that you are able to control risks remotely. And this is where our technology comes in. Large enterprises have thousands of these processes that have to keep running efficiently, smoothly and without disruptions, with or without the pandemic.

We saw more demand for our product.

What can we hope to see from Bleenco in the future?

In the future, it will be so easy to build an AI solution that everyone will be able to just describe what he or she wants using plain language, and our system will be able to automatically select all the building blocks needed and stitch them together into a solution.

Everyone will be able to procure and build AI, not only without programming skills, but also with very limited technical skills too. Today’s systems are too technical and we’d like to change this.