A Chat with James Nash, Founder and CEO at Tech Enabled Talent Specialist: Inbeta

Inbeta is a tech-enabled talent specialist using data, social listening and human science to overcome bias, foster cultural intelligence and build a better recruitment industry. We bring together pioneering technology and the leading minds in business, talent acquisition and development, to give the hiring process the objectivity it desperately needs. But we’re more than just an executive search and leadership development business; we help companies better understand and successfully reduce the risks associated with executive hiring and development – building fairer practices and a better bottom line.

In terms of how it works, we leverage artificial intelligence, biometric measurement, and an advanced aggregation of human science and real-time data within the global marketplace to surface the best candidates for the role and the organisation. And this isn’t just about recognising talent; it’s about ensuring organisation and individual will thrive together. We measure the cultural intelligence and drivers of candidates, hiring managers and recruiters to surface their biases, foster divergent thinking and further the diversity and inclusion agenda.

Finally, we deliver integrated coaching that continues long after the candidate is placed to ensure their successful integration into the company. The end result is stronger, more effective, more diverse teams that deliver business success.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

When the pandemic arrived, I was an established executive headhunter with over a decade’s tenure building consumer businesses and had imminent plans to undertake an MBA sponsored by my then-employer – but due to the fallout from Covid-19, it was abundantly apparent that the world was about to change.

With this in mind, coupled with the rapid digital acceleration being experienced across the business/personal landscape, I decided to leave my role to embark on my own development journey, which led me to gain access to a private equity-backed technology growth accelerator for start-ups.

My time in the programme left me with two main questions: firstly, new cloud-based technologies are abundant, relatively simple to acquire and have the potential to change professional services – so why aren’t more firms embracing this technology? Secondly, evolving diversity and representation looms large on the corporate agenda, and rightly so. However, the staffing industry is still focusing on quotas badged as positive action – so what if we used technology to mitigate recruiters’ implicit bias and create equity when hiring for inclusion?

In summary, I found that both could be done, and that’s when I started on the journey to create Inbeta – building a new, better, fairer model for executive recruitment.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The pandemic accentuated that brilliant talent was routinely being squandered or overlooked by rigid, inequitable hiring practices favouring less competent candidates purely because they ‘fit’ the company model.

This gave us a chance to influence what happens next by creating a business that confronts the subjectivity and biases that limit people’s chances to succeed. Essentially, we saw a huge opportunity to do the rare thing – make the world a better place whilst also creating a valuable business. So, while other people described the onset of the pandemic as ‘the new normal’, we founded Inbeta during this time for the specific purpose of being abnormal.

What can we hope to see from Inbeta in the future?

We are determined to fight unfairness and poor business performance at scale. We’re accelerating fast and developing our technology so that we’re even better able to aggregate and consolidate massive quantities of data, uncovering overlooked talent and delivering objective hiring processes for hundreds of clients a year.

That means we’d be helping thousands of people to fulfil their full potential. Ultimately, we want to be the foremost inclusive talent partner for progressive organisations looking to champion potential regardless of background. We’ll get there by delivering better outcomes – financially, socially and culturally – for clients as they acquire and retain talent more ethically and efficiently.