A Chat with Janice MacLennan, Founder and CEO at Collaborative Strategy App: NMBLR

NMBLR is a first-to-market platform for use by global teams to work on strategy. NMBLR enables the entire team to work cohesively no matter what their geographical location or time zone.

To explain a little more, NMBLR is a digital app that offers an inclusive and structured process to facilitate a strategy discussion and allow people to bring forward ideas. It does this by working against silos, because the structure provided by the app levels the playing field for all contributors. The guidance provided enables people from different disciplines to contribute to the conversation.

NMBLR also provides decision-making transparency. By involving people from different departments, a team understands the strengths of other teams. The visibility of who is saying what – which is enabled by NMBLR – leads to every team member appreciating what their co-workers do and where and how their contribution created value.

We can all appreciate that cross-functional collaboration ensures that not all ideas originate from the very few. Teams using our app can feel confident that everyone involved can participate in the creation of new ideas, which improves engagement on all fronts.

How did you come up with the idea for NMBLR, what makes it unique?

I created NMBLR as a result of more than 30 years working on strategy for global Life Science brands. I have seen how teams work, what leads to strategy success, and what the pitfalls in business can be. Cross-collaboration of teams is essential if a business, brand or product is to succeed, but many teams get bogged down by red tape, or fail to communicate efficiently across departments, so I created NMBLR as a tool to enable teams to work across departments, and time zones, to ensure maximum success for their strategies.

NMBLR is the product of three decades spent helping companies develop winning strategies. I started building it in August 2020 and the development costs alone came close to £1M. I have drawn from my lengthy experience in strategy to create what I hope will prove an invaluable tool for Life Science teams, and in time wider industries too, enabling them to work cohesively across geographic locations and time zones. There is nothing else on the market like NMBLR, we are truly unique!

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

We are still in very early days and NMBLR is growing and developing organically every day. I have an expert team supporting me and am looking towards a bright future for us all. My hope is that NMBLR can change the landscape when it comes to strategy for business, whatever the industry.

What can we hope to see from NMBLR in the future?

I am currently speaking to various life science companies about how NMBLR can be incorporated into their team management, and am already using it as part of my strategy consultancy for global pharma brands. So as for what the future holds? Watch this space!


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