A Chat with Jean Perrot, CTO and Co-Founder at Operational Data Company: VZBL

Tell us about yourself and how you came up with the idea for VZBL


I’ve always been passionate about building great software that people rely on to get their work done. If you’re a developer, you know it’s tough because building products takes a lot of coordinated teamwork in an environment that is constantly changing. It’s kind of like medicine—it’s a team sport and it’s really more of an art than a science. It’s also a relatively young field, and compared to other disciplines, the tools we have for managing it are still pretty basic and immature.

For the past 15 years I’ve been lucky enough to build and work with some talented teams building top-notch, mission-critical software. Ultimately my career experience has shown me just how lacking our current management tools are, and that’s what led me to start working on VZBL.



What makes this company unique?


Even in the best teams, the way we usually manage software engineering is pretty hit-or-miss. And I think a lot of that is because of our inadequate management tools. Despite all the advancements in the field, up to 71% of projects still fail to meet their goals, according to various sources.

A big part of the problem is that engineering managers don’t have the right tools to do their jobs well. We often rely on makeshift solutions, word-of-mouth, spreadsheets, and random bits of information just to keep up. We spend too much time gathering data that should be easily accessible. To stay informed, we set up processes that slow down development and risk losing our best engineers’ engagement. All this, just to be reactive. 

VZBL was created to give managers real-time visibility and situational awareness, helping them make better decisions and lead their teams effectively.



What makes the VZBL platform so different?


VZBL stands out because it provides real-time operational data without enforcing rigid processes. I don’t need another tool to judge my team’s performance. I need a solution that offers real-time data, is flexible to my process, and works for any organization size.

With VZBL, I can ask unexpected questions relevant to my current situation, find out what needs my attention, spot emerging problems, and have a single, unified view to manage my team. This level of visibility helps me understand not just the “what” but also the “why,” leading to better decision-making and keeping teams focused, productive, and healthy.


How has the company evolved over recent years?


With VZBL, we’ve made huge strides in breaking down information silos, optimizing execution, reducing risk, and improving team health. Our mission has been to help software engineering teams reach their full potential and create software that users genuinely love.

We’ve continuously enhanced our platform to provide better insights, more real-time data, and greater flexibility to meet the unique needs of different teams. VZBL isn’t just another tool; it’s also a mindset that empowers teams to work in the way that suits them best while giving managers the visibility they need to lead effectively.


What can we expect from VZBL in the next few years?


In the coming years, you can expect VZBL to keep making it easier for software engineering teams to work efficiently. We aim to elevate the field of software engineering by providing deeper insights and more advanced tools to understand and manage team performance and health. Our focus will remain on giving managers and team leads the information they need to make informed decisions, uncover hidden risks, and lead their teams effectively.

We’ll keep improving our platform to be the go-to management tool for software organizations, ensuring teams can thrive and produce great software.