A Chat with Jenny Saft, CEO and Co-Founder at Fertility Benefits Platform: Apryl

Jenny Saft,

Apryl is a fertility benefits platform helping companies offer staff access to inclusive fertility and family forming services. I founded Apryl after my own experience of freezing my eggs. My company wasn’t offering fertility support at the time, so I had to set it up myself.

I went to my nearest clinic, with no idea of what to expect, what egg freezing actually involved, or how much the treatment would cost. Even during consultations with my fertility doctor, I received little guidance or emotional support from the clinic, and the process cost me thousands. I wished there was a better way for people like me, who are single and exploring their fertility, to access treatments and feel supported along the way.

This sparked the idea for Apryl: a company working to help modern employers offer inclusive fertility benefits to every employee, from egg freezing to adoption and IVF. Not only do we strive to make treatments more accessible and affordable, but we also offer the support, guidance and advice that would have been so useful on my own journey. In 2019, I joined forces with my co-founder and close friend, Tobias Kaufhold, and we began the Apryl journey together.


What do you think makes this company unique?

Whilst most fertility companies tend to offer fertility services in just one country, we’re proud to offer fertility benefits to companies in countries across Europe. We were founded in Berlin, but we work with organisations in more than 20 countries from Israel to the UK to Portugal. This means we have a clear understanding of the fertility landscape across Europe, which helps us offer the very best advice and guidance to our clients, and gives us a really strong foundation on which to scale.

Apryl also offers the entire spectrum of fertility treatments to make fertility benefits inclusive for everyone. In addition to things like IVF and egg freezing, we also offer support with surrogacy and adoption. We always offer support to people’s partners, too.

We recognise that there is often more than one person involved in any fertility journey – so our support doesn’t just stop at the employee that comes to us. From providing care navigation and consultations, to access to clinics and treatments, and follow-up support when treatments are complete, our team is committed to being part of people’s fertility journeys from start to finish. This is unique.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

When we first began, we were initially called Oviavo, as our primary focus was on egg freezing, rather than the wider fertility ecosystem. But as our ambition and service offering grew, we decided to rebrand to ensure our brand reflected our offering and our values. We came up with Apryl: a word which felt like a natural fit for a fertility company due to its association with spring, change and new beginnings.

So far, we’ve raised €4.1 million in a seed round led by Breega and joined by some brilliant VCs, including Atlantic Labs, Myelin VC, and Westttech Ventures, and our team is growing. We’re really excited about this next chapter.

What can we hope to see from Apryl in the future?

We’ve got a brilliant core team in Berlin, and we’re now looking to cement our presence in the UK. We want to transform fertility benefits from being optional services to legitimate necessities within every organisation. We hope to help millions of people across Europe access the support they need to start a family.