A Chat with Jenny Tsai, Founder and CEO at Influencer Marketing Platform: Wearisma

Wearisma was founded in 2015 and has since grown to one of the most successful influencer marketing platforms in the world. The platform is used by global brands including Made.com, New Look and Clarins and has helped analyse and optimise performances over 2,000 influencer campaigns each year.

Wearisma was created with the specific intent of helping brands leverage social media influencers to achieve their commercial and brand goals with trust and rigour. Some of the biggest luxury, fast fashion and beauty brands in the world leverage our solutions and insights to shape their influencer strategies.

Wearisma is a solution for influencer and advocate marketing and provides automation around reporting, insights, and optimisation, easily integratable across a brand’s marketing stack. It covers 50 countries including the USA, EMEA and APAC, with a combination of local analysts and machine learning enables us to provide a highly localised experience around the world.
Wearisma: Expert discovery, actionable insights, clear reporting and more,  all in one place.

How did you come up with the idea for the business?

Before I founded Wearisma I led an international digital strategy for Hearst where I loved discovering what communities consume, what they care about around the world and how data can support content creation at scale. At the same time, I saw how powerful social media is as a playground for millions of content creators to become publishers and entrepreneurs in their own rights.

There were real opportunities to combine that mix of data with human behaviour in the influencer marketing space. The first iteration of Wearisma was a classic affiliate app – we were successful in signing influencers to the platform, but we could see that social media was evolving and quickly learned that brands needed an intelligent way to help them connect with influencers. So we started R&D in 2017 and launched the Wearisma we know today in 2018.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

With trust, accessibility and community becoming increasingly important, there has been a growing focus on influencers of all sizes – not just those with millions of followers. Consumers are as important as influencers and it’s critical for brands to nurture their online communities through the growing art of brand advocacy. Brand advocacy is an action taken by people who love a brand and continuously support it by promoting products and services to new customers and prospects.

In May 2021 we launched a new Consumer Advocacy product suite, allowing brands to discover and nurture their entire online community of both influencers and consumers already advocating for the brands and generating great engagements. This allows brands to learn which advocates are driving their community and fuel campaigns across influencers of all sizes, with robust tracking and reporting.

What does the future hold for Wearisma?

As the industry continues to change and evolve, so do we. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift from the push model of advertising to the pull model of earned recommendations.

In this world, we’re committed to continuing to provide the best toolset so our customers can know their influence and build their influence by harnessing the power of the crowd.

Influencer marketing is no longer a nice-to-have marketing channel. It’s a critical part of any marketing strategy. We make it easy to demonstrate its true value and impact and improve its outcome, alongside other marketing channels.

We’re also working on a number of ways to make the space more inclusive and diverse. Brands are increasingly shining a light on their core values as part of their communications goals. Our technology uniquely identifies influencers passionate about the topics of diversity, equality and inclusivity, giving a voice to those marginalised in their communities and enabling brands to build authentic ties with communities they care about.

We will also be continuing our work to provide global reach and local expertise in data and know-how around the world from markets as diverse as in EMEA, US, China etc.