A Chat with Jesper Trolle, CEO at Global Cybersecurity Specialists: Exclusive Networks

Exclusive Networks is a global cybersecurity specialist. Our vision is to achieve a totally trusted digital world for all people and organisations. This is what drives us, and we believe it’s possible.
We sit at the centre of a fragmented and complex cybersecurity landscape, acting as a specialist link between different stakeholders within the ecosystem.

We harmonise routes to market, interfacing between vendors and channel partners. Given the complexity of their technologies and the pressure on their sales, technical and marketing teams, cybersecurity vendors use us as an extension to their operations and an engine that can offer both expertise and scale.
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What do you think makes this company unique?

Located at the heart of the cybersecurity ecosystem, we respond to customer challenges and create new opportunities in a space that has not been occupied before. No other company in IT distribution has ever maintained their specialist value whilst expanding globally at the scale we have.

Our 1:2 ratio of technical engineers to sales sets us apart and enables us to understand the technical capabilities of the vendors we work with. With our cyber expertise, we can spot trends in the market before they are a reality – we are then able to apply this to the needs and challenges of our customers and their customer base, helping them secure and optimise their digital businesses environment.

Our “local sale, global scale” model means we can connect local partners that sell general services with the scale and service delivery of a worldwide distribution powerhouse. To date, we have a portfolio of 260 leading cybersecurity vendors across 170 countries and around 21,000 partners.

Our primary focus on six market segments – endpoint security, network security, web and email security, data security, identity access management, and vulnerability and security analytics – enables us to be far more effective and valuable for our vendors and customers in terms of expertise, time and execution.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

We’ve transitioned from a small private company two decades ago to a global cybersecurity specialist today. September last year was a milestone moment for us as we listed the company on Euronext in Paris at a valuation of €1.8 billion.

Since 2013, we’ve extended our international reach, expanded our services and seen consistent double-digit growth in our revenue. Part of our growth strategy is our merger and acquisition activity which enables us to expand geographically and to enter into new business segments.

For example, recently we’ve acquired companies like Ignition Technology, our platform for early stage SaaS vendors, and Nuaware, our specialist business for cloud-native DevSecOps ecosystems, enabling us to support the next generation of innovative cybersecurity companies by both investing in and nurturing them.

While we’ve grown in size and revenue, we still pride ourselves on building and maintaining an agile, easy to do business with, unique and inclusive company culture which we call L’Esprit Exclusive.

What can we hope from Exclusive Networks in the future?

As cyber-attacks continue to increase in frequency and severity, cyber skills are in short supply. At Exclusive, we are working to close this cyber skills gap and to find and nurture the next generation of cyber specialist talent. For example, we have partnered with Guardia Cybersecurity School to launch France’s first private cyber security academy in September 2022.

We have similar graduate initiatives in place with California Polytechnic University in the US. Our aim is to be a prime mover in tackling the skills shortage across the whole spectrum of the industry – so expect to see us supporting and contributing more in this space.

We continue to build on and expand what we call our none transacting strategic alliances, which increase our influence in the marketplace and enable us to collaborate with governments and international bodies in the fight against cybercrime. We were recently invited to become a member of Belgium’s Cyber Security Coalition and have also partnered with the International Chamber of Commerce as a cybersecurity partner to its 45 million members in over 100 countries.

Lastly, in 2022 we’ll continue to expand and invest in our specialist vendor portfolio. In 2021, we added 75 new contracts and had significant signings of both expansion contracts and net new vendor onboarding throughout our different business units including Ignition Technology and Nuaware. This strategy is already paying significant dividends and we are eager to continue our strong execution into the rest of this year.