A Chat with Jiaqi Pan, CEO and Co-Founder at Conversational Chatbot Builder: Landbot

Landbot is an intuitive, no-code, chatbot business solution. We aim to drive productivity, increase capacity for resources and make automated conversational interactions accessible to non-technical staff. Our drag-and-drop chatbot builder tool supports businesses to design a delightful conversational experience to capture the attention of the end-user.

Landbot offers a simple way for businesses and teams to build a chatbot. Whether a company is small, big, time-poor or financially constrained, Landbot helps all businesses to have truly frictionless conversations with customers and exchange the data they need to make smarter decisions at scale.


How did you come up with the idea for Landbot?

The popularity and uptake of instant messaging channels for both consumers and businesses highlighted the critical need for an easy and accessible option to overcome costs and resource challenges for customer queries.

There’s currently lots of hype around natural language processing, which is one of the main ways for chatbots to interact, however from our experience, these solutions are premature and inefficient, making it harder for businesses to adopt. We saw an opportunity to meet the needs for high accuracy chatbots whilst helping companies reduce the adoption costs of such technology.


How has Landbot evolved during the pandemic?

Over the past 18 months, we have seen an increase in demand for conversational experiences. All sorts of businesses have been looking for ways to automate higher volumes of digitally inbound customer communications without needing to make significant investments in in-house IT. There was a stark realisation that without the digital capabilities to meet customer communication needs, businesses would fall short.

At Landbot, we have consistently worked on developing our product, listening to the market and our customers. An example of this is the increase in replacing web forms with more engaging conversational interfaces and the technology which enables that. The pandemic has pushed us to connect the dots between customers, even more so than previously, to ensure we fully understand the problem and the need.

What can we hope to see from Landbot in the future?

We will continue developing our product and expanding our client base. As marketing lines continue to blur with other customer-facing teams, we need to ensure we can deliver a cross-functional way of handling customer experience. On the consumer side of things, messaging channels continue to be the best way to communicate with customers. Businesses can now leverage this technology in a scalable way, and we will continue to maximise this.

We are looking to grow the expertise established within our team. Building our company narrative and what the roadmap will look like is essential as we look to the future. When we started Landbot, the website was the core experience, and we are now expanding into messaging channels including Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.