A Chat with Jonny Hochschild, Marketing Director at Plant-Based Deli Meat Company: Plantcraft

Jonny Hochschild,

Plantcraft is the world’s first clean-label, plant-based deli meat company. We are disrupting one of the least developed categories in plant-based alternatives by making the most delicious and cleanest deli meats in the world.


What makes Plantcraft unique?

Leveraging 20 years of groundbreaking food science research, we create your favorite cold cuts, pepperonis, and pâtés to transform every meal, from sandwiches and pizzas to charcuterie platters. We represent a new direction for plant-based alternatives that deliver taste and texture while incorporating whole ingredients and eschewing processed ingredients.

We think it’s important that when we formulate these meat alternatives, they’re not just a taste replacement, but they should also be better for our health. All our products are vegan, free of the top eight allergens (including soy and gluten), and made without additives.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

We launched Plantcraft in the U.S. in June of 2021 with our delicious Plant-Based Pâtés, and since our launch we have been busy gaining distribution across the U.S. and developing product innovations.

Most recently we have launched our newest product line of Plant-Based Deli Slices with two mouth-watering offerings: Bologna and Pepperoni. These two flavors are the first of a new product line of sliced deli meats for grocery and foodservice.

What can we hope to see from Plantcraft in the future?

We believe the future of food is plant-based, whether we are talking about protein, or other macro and micronutrients or fibers. There is more than enough for our growing population, and this is just the beginning for Plantcraft. Our initial launch was in the U.S. and we plan to expand and continue to innovate.

We plan to continue to use our creativity to create foods that are good for us, and good for the planet, but also tasty, affordable, and easily available!