A Chat with Jordan Bem, CEO & Founder at Nomadic Hospitality Solution: Moliving

Moliving Inc. is the world’s first luxury nomadic hospitality solution that can pop up anytime and anywhere. Being at the forefront of sustainability and technology, Moliving has created the best-case use of real estate.

Focusing on seasonal and traditionally hard to develop markets, Moliving offers future hoteliers and landowners the opportunity to build sustainable hotels in months versus years, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional hotel. With mobility in mind, Moliving can predict seasonal demand and adjust room inventory to match demand in real time.

Moliving is the first hotel group that can efficiently achieve and maintain peak occupancy and Average Daily Rate on a year round basis.
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What do you think makes Moliving unique?

Moliving is unique in our mission, which is to democratize and revolutionize the hospitality industry. From a development standpoint, Moliving allows landowners to create value and monetize their underutilized land in a matter of months versus years.

On the other hand, Moliving allows guest to experience unique experiences in various high barrier of entry destinations in a sustainable and luxurious manner, at a lower cost.

We created hotel rooms that are truly mobile and we utilize this mobility in mind to adjust our locations’ room inventories to match demand in real time, which allows us to always operate at peak occupancy and operational cost.

Most importantly, our rooms are truly sustainable and can operate fully off the grid, creating energy positive hotels which is incredibly unique.


How has Moliving evolved since its inception?

Since launching Moliving in 2020, we have received strong traction and have met and exceeded expectations by reaching not only national, but also international interest.

Our team has been working tirelessly to revolutionize and democratize hotel development and the hospitality experience. We are in the midst of opening our first flagship hotel, Moliving at Hurley House, a luxury eco-resort located in New York’s Hudson Valley that is set to open later this year.

Moliving has also been honored for various prestigious awards including the Gold Stevie Award in the 20th Annual American Business Awards as Startup of the Year; the Platinum TITAN Business Award for Best Hospitality Company; and placed as a Finalist in the 18th Annual Hospitality Design Awards for the New Brand Launch category.

With the recent investment of a renowned NASDAQ company, we are boosting the development of future sights and bringing real production capabilities to the table.

What can we hope to see from Moliving in the future?

A lot of growth! Post the opening of Moliving at Hurley House, which will be the first positive-energy eco-resort in North America, we have plans to grow the Moliving brand in several East Coast locations in 2023 and throughout the West Coast in 2024. Stay tuned for some more info very soon!