A Chat with Jorrit Aafjes, CEO and Founder at Production Technology Platform: Making.com

Jorrit Aafjes

Making.com is an open and online platform with one singular focus: to help production plants select better production technology. Making.com groups technology around the product you are making, simplifying the selection of technology and the connection to a partner who can design, build and install it to your specific needs.

At Making.com, it is our mission to help you find relevant technologies to make your product.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

With the global population expected to peak at 9.4 billion in 2070, we need to rethink the products we use and how we make them to keep the planet habitable. So we started looking for an on-line solution to help people make better products faster. Our team is a spin-out from an organisation that helps people build production lines and find production technologies in the traditional way: visiting production plants, consulting entrepreneurs, networking at industry fairs. We met so many smart people, yet getting the right people together was not an easy task.

We realised people are really not interested in machines. When you want to make a better product, or make a product in a better way, you are looking for people who have experience with exactly the product that you are making. You can browse industrial mixers, extruders, mills, dryers, packing machines on-line, but it’s difficult to verify which manufacturers have the experience you are looking for.

After a brainstorm with some partners, we realised machine and equipment manufacturers really don’t have a platform to showcase this experience. That’s when the idea was born: let’s build a company with the sole purpose to learn who has experience making products and connecting them to the people who want to make these products.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The pandemic made people, including us, realise that we can change our ways. For example, not all meetings require travel. It was actually a great time to build a platform as we could get engineers to share their expertise in Teams meetings much faster than we could have before the pandemic. We first added marketing team to our sales organisation, to gain the first learnings.

Then, by the time we had enough funding, we founded Making.com. From that point on we starting building our data operations and content teams. We’ve been talking to many production technology suppliers and learning about their solutions since then. We launched the platform in July and we currently employ 8 people, this small team is driving forward on our mission to democratise the information out there, bringing together one platform for people to learn from and utilise to produce all sorts of goods and products.

What can we hope to see from Making.com in the future?

It is our mission to map all the products that mankind is making and the technologies needed to make them. We know this may sound crazy, but that’s what people thought when Google started Street View. It is entirely possible. We’re currently activating the first partners on the platform and aim to demonstrate proof of concept in Spring 2022.