A Chat with Jürgen Galler, CEO and Co-Founder at AI-Powered Data Management Platform: 1plusX

1plusX is a technology company specializing in first-party data management and enhancement for the digital marketing ecosystem. While traditionally defined as a data management platform (DMP), the 1plusX platform goes beyond the typical DMP functionalities, offering AI-powered data enrichment techniques — this is our core differentiator.

With the ongoing demise of third-party cookies and mobile identifiers, it is now crucial for media companies and advertisers to expand their first-party data capabilities. Our predictive technology helps them achieve this by filling gaps in the narrative regarding consumer attributes and online behavior, with no need for third-party cookies.

In addition, thanks to machine-learning lookalike modeling, publishers can better use their data assets to build higher-quality audiences. The result is effective targeting for brands and increased ad revenue for publishers.

1plusX is based in Switzerland and operates data infrastructure for companies worldwide, from Japan to Europe and the US. As a result, we are recognized as one of the leading companies.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

While I have always disagreed with the vast collection of third-party data that has long been the backbone of ad targeting, the arrival of privacy regulations has further emphasized the need for new techniques to provide privacy-compliant, high-quality, and transparent targeting approaches.

Even before privacy became the industry focus, I became aware that machine learning and AI-powered technology would provide the means to develop innovative, privacy-centric data solutions. Today, we can predict the socio-demographic attributes of anonymous users in real-time from a user’s first impression.

This significantly improves audience addressability for publishers, who can then offer valuable, targetable inventory to advertisers. Our cutting-edge technology allows publishers to boost their revenue streams and provides a viable solution to fill the void left by third-party cookies. In short, the 1plusX platform is leading the charge for first-party data solutions in the privacy-first world.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

We have never lost sight of our initially-defined goal: using first-party data to predict rich attributes for both users and media assets for digital marketing. Getting this right requires a particular framework — research-mindedness, quality focus, testing — and  years of development. As a result, 1plusX’s evolution is intrinsically linked to the technical excellence we have managed to develop over the years.

We have evolved by applying our data infrastructure to different use cases, starting with publishers, broadcasters, and advertisers. In addition, the company has developed as part of its international expansion.  We have expanded our offering from Europe to the US and Asia, with a strong focus on Japan. This has cemented our position as one of the world’s leading first-party data activation platforms.

What can we hope to see from 1plusX in the future?

1plusX has recently been acquired by TripleLift, a highly innovative and leading SSP. Combining 1plusX’s privacy-friendly data solutions with TripleLift’s scaled media marketplace has accelerated our growth, delivering our solutions to new clients and driving a closer relationship with advertisers.

With the strength of the two technologies, we can continue to contribute to publishers’ monetization efforts while also giving advertisers a more direct path to high-quality first-party data. The integration will also facilitate greater scalability and R&D, meaning we will also be able to release new products and features more quickly.

It’s a fascinating period for 1plusX with more to come.