A Chat with Kaaran Kalantari From Crypto Startup: WingRiders

I have been a career marketer, specialising in digital marketing, since I graduated, working both on client and agency-side, helping bluechip household brands and SMEs from a diverse array of industries. I was also a Senior Lecturer in Strategic Marketing and Management for over 12 years.

My curiosity with cryptos was sparked over nine years ago and I actively started investing seven years ago, when ICOs were still called crowdsales. I went on to start one of the early crypto hedge funds and have been actively involved in trading, investment, consulting and education in the space ever since.
WingRiders Raised Seed Funding - FinSMEs

Why did you decide to join the company?

The answer to this is very simple, I believe WingRiders is building the most robust and complete DEX solution on Cardano. When I delved deeper into the project I found the team to be highly dedicated and fully committed to the project. They not only believe in what they are producing, but also have unmatched expertise and experience to deliver.

Technically they are one of the most professional and experienced teams in the space. Also the fact they are development led, but highly community centric made my mind up that this is a project I want to contribute to.


Which projects are you focusing on right now? What are the trends of the crypto investment industry?

Crypto is without a doubt the fastest moving sector I’ve ever been involved in. Many people say “a month in a startup is like a year at a large firm” well, if there’s truth in that then it is doubly so for crypto. For example, last year, all of 4 months ago the market was a “bull market” and it was easy to raise funds, and projects were multiplying in every direction.

Now, 4 months later it is a “bear market” and projects that do well are those with financial discipline, treasury management, strong process based execution and professionalism. You can still have all those things and not succeed when the market is like this. We feel confident that we are here for the long haul.

What can we hope to see from WingRiders this year?

Obviously for us, right now it is about delivery. Delivery of an amazing product, delivery on our roadmap, future development, and growing our community. It is really critical for WingRiders that we build deep ties with our users (the Riders in our name) and work with them on the future development of the project, and the launch of our DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

In essence, when fully realized, our token holders will vote on future developments and determine the future course of the project. This is similar to the shareholding model, but with less “wiggle room” as everything is determined by smart contracts. We are a few months away from this, and the further development of the platform will be ongoing, even past our mainnet launch.