A Chat with Katerina Sukhenko, Co-Founder at Messenger Marketing Platform: Postoplan

Katerina Sukhenko

Postoplan is a smart, automated social media and messenger marketing platform that allows users to create, schedule and promote content.

Postoplan is a simple but effective tool for digital marketing, especially now, when businesses cannot exist without having a social media presence. We are the only platform based on a Freemium business model – users can use our basic subscription free of charge and without any time limits.

This helps the SMBs to increase their efficiency on social media. The platform already has more than 112,000 users in 147 countries. We are the first to launch automatic posting in WhatsApp.
Postoplan: Free automatic all-in-one system for managing | BetaList

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Working with international projects, I saw that the existing solutions for automated posting lack the user-friendly experience, and the algorithms of content publication are not sufficiently transparent. Our team of co-founders has great experience in marketing, and we saw opportunities to improve the processes of automated posting. Moreover, even then, we realized the importance of making the users’ needs a priority. Plus, there wasn’t a single solution on the market to try all of its features out without any restrictions.

That’s when we had the idea to make both the social media management and the marketing itself automated. We decided to create a platform that would be a one-place stop for the automation of even more processes and tasks, that would become an instrument that brings together everything that successful digital marketing needs, and that would be indispensable for everyone who promotes their business on social media and in the messengers.

We didn’t just develop the algorithms that improve the effectiveness of published content by 70%, we made the platform accessible and convenient for any user.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

We launched our platform in January 2020, basically, during the pandemic. It might not have been the best time for a startup, but at the same time, this was a period of growing interest in remote work and in learning new digital professions, such as social media management. In this way, Postoplan became an instrument for many and helped business owners to speed up their work, because they had to use multiple channels for promotion and increase their reach very quickly.

We also saw a lot of interest from small businesses that were forced to move online and maintain social media.

We kept growing, but we always remembered our mission. For example, we provided our users with 24/7 assistance, giving them a sense of not being alone at this difficult time. On top of that, they know that they can quickly get help whenever they need it.

What can we hope to see from Postoplan in the future?

Postoplan has proven that we are a breakthrough company, and we continue working on becoming a truly innovative and revolutionary service in our niche. Postoplan is going to become an indispensable service for everyone who is marketing their business on social media.