A Chat with Kent Vorland, Director and CEO at Global Payments Company: SimplyPayMe

Kent Vorland

At SimplyPayMe, we are a global technology company that handles both payments and business management solutions for SMEs. We provide businesses with a fully mobile payments infrastructure, including payments, invoicing and software solutions.

We are pioneers in the mobile space for SMEs, making them a priority and essential part of their vision for the future of payment services.


What do you think makes this company unique?

We are unique in our approach and focus. At SimplyPayMe we are focused on the enablement and inclusion of small businesses and sole traders to run their businesses and get paid quickly. This approach is unique as this market has historically been under- or even unserved for years by large corporations.

We have also built a unique platform for POS technology, where we have taken payment APIs from multiple payment processors and transformed them into something that has the ability for a small business to accept payments using just their phone. This is not only different from SoftPOS as this is not a contactless payment and is not restricted to Android or transaction limits, but we have taken this technology a step further and built a platform that is accessible to large banks, FIs and institutions that can use our technology for their own platforms by integrating SimplyPayMe into their own systems.

Whether this is to supplement payments, invoicing, SME CRM tools, or team management, the use of our technology means that companies serving SMEs don’t have to develop their own solutions for payment management, and SMEs also benefit from using an all encompassing environment to run their business from a single application.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Our company culture has continued to strengthen in recent years. As we have grown and learned more about the disproportionate amount of attention and inclusion given to SMEs in the market, it’s becoming clearer that we are doing the right thing in working for them.

What can we hope to see from SimplyPayMe in the future?

With the recent $4 million raise in growth capital that we secured, we will see continued development in European and North American markets.This year SimplyPayMe will also be bringing out tools for SMEs that will allow them to run their businesses through one, all encompassing platform with SPM.

The future for SimplyPayMe is bright as we continue to push boundaries and disrupt our industry all whilst keeping the interests of SMEs at the core of everything we do. Stay on the lookout for announcements from us in the near future!