A Chat with Kevin and Suze Patel, Founders at Baby Product Company: Nini Baby

Nini Baby was founded in 2017 when we decided to revolutionise a product that had greatly enhanced our own parenting journey: swinging cots.

Our award-winning swinging cot, the NiniPod, embraces millennia-old techniques of using swinging and bouncing motions to recreate wonderful natural movements, settling babies quickly and calmly. Meanwhile, with increased airflow a baby’s temperature is regulated, allowing for a comfortable night’s sleep. The NiniPod is easily transportable and forward-thinking, bringing a tried and tested tradition into the 21st century – all with a beautiful end design that promises to compliment any nursery.
Nini Baby | Say hello to NiniPod: the revolutionary Cot, born for movement

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

After welcoming our baby boy into the world, we struggled to get him to sleep for any decent length of time. He was diagnosed with colic which made this time all the more challenging – he wouldn’t settle and we became increasingly concerned. Thankfully, a relative soon introduced us to a solution stemming from our Indian heritage; swinging cots. Our little boy loved the swinging cot we were given – he immediately slept better and our lives were transformed.

We did our research and were surprised to find that premium swinging cots simply weren’t readily available in the UK. We were desperate to share their benefits with other parents and boldly decided to create our own. With that, Nini Baby was born.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

We faced several challenges throughout the course of the pandemic. For example, we weren’t able to visit our production warehouse and see our products up close; we also weren’t able to attend parenting shows which meant reaching potential customers became increasingly difficult. In the parenting sector, these shows are relied upon massively.

Thankfully, we pivoted and found the right people to work alongside. We allowed our product to evolve, expanded our team and have never looked back – now that restrictions have lifted, we can’t wait to watch Nini Baby’s future unfold.

What can we hope to see from Nini Baby in the future?

In the future, we hope to release more products, expand internationally and become a name that every parent trusts. The sky really is the limit for Nini Baby.