A Chat with Khalid Al Muawad, CEO at Immersive Experience Design Company: Midwam

Khalid Al Muawad

Founded in 2012, Midwam is a Jeddah-based immersive experience design company that specialises in delivering unrivalled excellence in transformational experiences powered by cutting-edge technologies. The company leverages the latest technologies to offer flexible and smart solutions across multiple platforms.

Midwam works with key institutions such as the Ministry of Culture, the Saudi Art Council and MiSK Innovation, as well as large enterprises, such as Saudi Airlines, and leading lifestyle and entertainment brands, including MDLBEAST. It is currently the only company of its kind in Saudi Arabia. Midwam transforms spaces into multi-sensory journeys and the company uses interactive technology to establish emotional and inspirational connections between people and brands. Midwam has also worked internationally outside of the Kingdom in multiple events in Moscow, London, New York, Paris and Cannes.


How do you expect your sector to develop post – pandemic as restrictions start to lift globally?

Immersive experiences are more important than ever as people come back together. The pandemic is an opportunity for us to reimagine the events sector with our flexible offering that can innovate and disrupt the industry. Individual habits have evolved significantly post-pandemic as online experiences are now commonplace so any physical experience has to be truly exceptional.

Midwam is poised to benefit from this new reality following the lifting of restrictions. We will continue to work with leading institutions as the tourism and events industry returns to pre-pandemic levels.


What is the role of the company in the cultural shift that is currently underway in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is undergoing several significant changes as a result of the implementation of Saudi Vision 2030 to diversify and strengthen the Kingdom’s economy, including revolutionary growth in entertainment, real estate, tourism, arts and culture, and much more.

Midwam sits at the crossroads of the profound cultural and technological revolution in Saudi Arabia. The company is uniquely positioned to seize opportunities in the development of the emerging key sectors mentioned above. For example, tourism is one of the economy’s most important pillars of growth and Midwam will play a significant role in developing immersive experiences that will attract visitors to the Kingdom. Similarly, the cultural industry is expected to grow exponentially by 2030 and the extended reality industry will gain more and more traction moving forward as several cultural commissions are starting to finetune their strategy.

What can we hope to see from Midwam in the future?

The company is at the centre of ambitious public projects across the Kingdom and has worked on some of Saudi Arabia’s biggest transformational events, such as the first-ever music festival in the Kingdom, MDL Beast, which took place in Riyadh in 2019. It attracted almost half a million young Saudis from across the Kingdom. Midwam is ready to benefit and expand as Saudi Arabia moves forward with accelerated growth plans.

On a global level, we aim to continue establishing ourselves as a leader in immersive experience design. Through our pioneering model that builds on the best of local know-how and human capital, we seek to accelerate the development of innovative, cutting-edge products to create the most compelling experiences across different industries.