A Chat with Kunmi Oludoyi, and Adebayo Popoola, Co-Founders at Final-Mile Distribution Tech Company: Sorair Technologies

Sorair Technologies pioneers the distribution-as-a-service model, providing the distribution infrastructure that ecommerce fulfilment companies need to build their own lean, in-house distribution systems.
We believe that localising final mile deliveries within set networks is the best way to bring greater cost-efficiency to final mile deliveries.
Sorair’s vision is to deliver the future of autonomous logistics.



How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The distribution-as-a-service model came to mind once we discovered that ecommerce fulfilment companies typically do not have in-house distribution systems and aren’t able to leverage their branding across the whole customer journey.

From some market research, we unravelled the fact that final mile deliveries can yield low margins due to high labour costs, shying companies away from adding distribution within their value chains.

After some investigation the thought of providing ‘bolt-on’ distribution systems that are easily integrable with existing warehouse infrastructures and established that partnerships are a key factor in making this a possibility.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

There have been many changes in the business over time as Sorair evolved, and a lot of pivots too.

Sorair Technologies was initially a drone R&D/Manufacturing company; initially working on developing different aspects of drone technology and started building our IP portfolio.

Over time, we established that a service would provide greater longevity for our business and as the service provision grows, the influence of our company grows alongside it. We thought of a similar business model to the drone delivery company in Manna, Ireland: an on-demand delivery with the use of drones.

Although the idea was not bad… something was missing.

At an exhibition event alongside NatWest hosted by WMG at a later date, the founders were speaking with some specialists who got them thinking about ‘service reliability’ in logistics.

The latest pivot taken was to become a logistics company that offers both ground and air logistics solutions.


What does this new funding round mean for the future of the company?

This funding round will allow Sorair Technologies to accelerate the development of our IP portfolio, to prepare for non-autonomous trial operations to build the foundations of their autonomous distribution networks.

Sorair Technologies looks forward to raising another batch of funds in the next couple of months to launch, generate revenue and accelerate the integration of autonomous vehicles within their logistics service framework over the next couple of years.

What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

“Hesitation is the pre-requisite for procrastination. Procrastination is a dream killer.

Visualise your idea, and picture yourself in the next couple of years. Take action and always have your end goal in mind. Use Nike’s slogan for motivation if you must, ‘Just DO IT’. ”

The Sorair founding team share more advice for new entrepreneurs in the latest episode of the NatWest business show, which you can watch here.