A Chat with Liam JE Gerada, Co-Founder and CEO at AI-Based e-Commerce Enablement Platform: Krepling

Liam JE Gerada

Krepling is the first AI-based, centralised e-commerce enablement platform which enables high-growth, mid-market e-enabling brands to build and scale their e-commerce operations without any use of code and programming (no-code).

While platforms like Shopify and Magento enable first-time business owners to become e-commerce platforms, for businesses that are looking to scale and require an enterprise platform that can help them grow, Krepling gives e-commerce businesses an enterprise-grade solution.

Krepling positions itself as the number one option for brand owners looking to scale their operations as they not only understand the needs of the e-commerce manager, but they can deliver for these brands at half the price with more functionality and without the requirement of prior coding knowledge.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

My brother and I founded Krepling in 2018 as teenagers. After starting our own ecommerce business a little over five years ago, we sold our Shopify store and set out to help other online businesses. We spent a few months validating the idea and realised that ecommerce businesses needed a better platform.

Although me and my brother weren’t developers, my brother Travis had taken a few courses and started building something to rival Shopify. After months of work we shipped our free product and were able to attract new users, and today we now have over 500 paying customers.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Krepling has constantly been adapting to the ever-changing landscape that is e-commerce. In the 2 years since we made Krepling a publicly accessible platform, we have almost doubled in size, revenue, valuation and customer base.

Our growth has been on par with what my brother and I had seen before we launched Krepling, and that was a rapidly shifting landscape to mainstream no-code adaptation at scale. That being said, we are far from where we want to be. Today, we are at the frontier of a fundamental shift in the world of commerce.

The most innovative retailers have realized that they need to deliver a purchasing experience wherever the consumer is — whether that is on a website, mobile app, social feed, text thread, live video shopping, email or in-store. The sheer number of channels where a consumer can make a purchasing decision has grown significantly, and we want to continue evolving Krepling to be able to democratize this new form of commerce.

What can we hope to see from Krepling in the future?

In early 2020, in a matter of days, the entire world shifted to moving a majority share of their purchasing behavior to online and in exchange e-commerce saw the equivalent of 10 years of growth in 3 months. As COVID has begun to subside, it is unlikely the clock will shift back.

This decade will present a new era for e-commerce as a whole — one we call e-commerce 3.0 — and Krepling is seeking to be a leader in fueling this change.