A Chat with Linda Wade, Co-Founder and CEO at Visual Intelligence Company: Spinview

Spinview is a world leader in easily accessible and manageable visual intelligence for buildings and infrastructure. We combine cutting-edge digital capabilities such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Extended Reality (XR) with data and AI to provide businesses and organisations with the visual intelligence they need to deliver smarter, safer and more efficient spaces.

Using our advanced technologies, we capture the data from a real-world environment to replicate it digitally in the form of a ‘digital twin’; a computerised real-time version of an environment, infrastructure, or space. With this powerful digital twin technology, companies can capture and transform the world around them to deliver more sustainable, safer and smarter environments and help address sustainability challenges.

Using this digital twin and visual intelligence, any part of a company, from the engineers and developers to the less IT-savvy employees, can both communicate and analyse their environment completely remotely and look for faults, check emissions, analyse discrepancies as well as run simulations, all without needing to physically be on-site. This creates infinite possibilities for any industry – from buildings to infrastructure such as road and rail.
Spinview - ARVR INNOVATE Conference & Expo.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

With many years of experience in technology businesses under my belt, I noticed that companies with any physical premises struggled to communicate their spaces in a way that the entire organisation could understand. The concept of “Visual Intelligence (VQ) for all” was the solution in mind: this would be a way of making sure that everyone in a business, even those outside the IT and engineering teams, could visualise and understand their spaces.

This is what led me to co-founding Spinview in 2016 with Zoran Grahovac, who has many years’ experience founding and running successful businesses built around visual communication.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

We are pleased and fortunate to have been able to support many of our customers throughout the pandemic with payment holidays, free digital twin creations and provided access to all our customers to our Agority platform – a way of using the digital twin to meet and speak inside your digital twin as a team regardless of real-world location – and through this support we have seen strong business growth following the pandemic, despite the obvious challenges.

Though we were also heavily hit by the pandemic, it gave us the opportunity to focus on where Spinview could bring the most value – evolving the VQ ecosystem in a way that helps companies working remotely to manage, measure, interact with and predict outcomes regarding their infrastructure, using immersive technology. Spinview experienced significant year-on-year growth from 2020 and we’ve had the opportunity to work closely with incredibly successful and innovative organisations such as Transport for London, Familjebostader, Fujitsu, MTR, NREP, Global, JCDecaux, MTR, Oscar Properties, Senab, Synsam and BSS.

What can we hope to see from Spinview in the future?

Though we are still in growth mode, we are now in a position to work with ambitious companies that are increasingly environmentally minded. Spinview is working on getting the VQecosystem into the built environment sectors, whilst also aiming to ensure that companies have the right immersive technology in place to not only drive operational efficiency but also increase the safety of employees and the sustainability of the entire environment.

We are excited to bring the power of visual intelligence to more and more fantastic partners such as Transport for London and VRMT while also looking into partnering with US-based companies.