A Chat with Lorna Wilson, Founder at Portable Travel Cutlery Company: Mnched

Mnched is the world’s first stainless steel cutlery and straw set in a fully dishwasher safe box. Whether you’re having lunch at work, picnicking with friends, or just grabbing something to eat on the go; there is something reassuring about great cutlery that you can rely on every day. Our beautifully designed carry case makes sure dirty cutlery does not encounter your bag and everything is easy to clean.
Premium travel cutlery and straw set | MNCHED cutlery shop – Mnched

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

In preparation for returning to the office post-pandemic, my work announced that they would no longer provide cutlery for shared use in the kitchens, I had to find a solution.

I began sifting through the market to see what was available. Nothing quite cut the mustard. Options were either bamboo, child-sized or boxed in materials that that didn’t exactly scream “hygienic”. I knew there had to be a better alternative, a set made for everyday eating – fully sized, great looking and easy to clean.

After a lot of research, it was clear that there was a gap in the market and consumer demand for high-quality portable cutlery. It took about a year from the initial idea to develop the product and launch. There were a few barriers along the way – particularly finding a factory to make the product, as my initial order quantity was small, and I wanted a high quality output. Persistence is key and I do truly believe you can make anything happen if you have the right mindset.

We launched in May this year. Sales are continuing to grow month on month and customer feedback has been great.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

I don’t know if Mnched would have been born if it wasn’t for the pandemic! It solves a problem that lots of people are having in their lives – using communal cutlery is one of top 20 things that people say they won’t use again following covid. Even pre-pandemic it was never particularly enjoyable spending 10 minutes searching round the office to find someone else’s used fork!

During this time plastic cutlery and straws have also been banned. Consumers don’t see paper straws or wooden cutlery as an enjoyable alternative so are looking for an alternative. Using single-use cutlery & straws has a big environmental impact which I hope Mnched will help reduce.

Running the business, logistically I can see there is going to be a continued knock-on effect of the pandemic. Shipping pre-pandemic would take 6-8 weeks, it is now taking 12-14 which can make it really hard to plan stock levels.

What can we hope to see from Mnched in the future?

Mnched in just in its infancy and there are big plans! The focus at the moment is growing brand awareness.

From a product perspective, can expect new colours, expansion into different territories and as a mother, I’m also keen to launch a children’s range.

Bringing your own cutlery is a growing trend so watch this space…in 5 years’ time I think it will be a bag essential like our water bottles have become!