A Chat with Lucas Martinez, Co-CEO at Online Job Search Platform: Talent.com

Lucas Martinez

Talent.com is an online job search platform that connects the world to work. Our mission is to centralise all jobs available on the web, whether they come from companies’ career websites, staffing agencies, or job boards. With more than 30 million jobs available across 78 countries, Talent.com has established itself as one of the largest candidate pools and sources of employment around the world, with over 35 million job seekers visiting Talent.com every month.

What we do, practically, is help recruiters run personalised digital campaigns. We do this by identifying unique traffic sources that optimise the discovery of qualified candidates. We also support job seekers: saving them time by centralising all jobs available on the web, providing tools like a Tax Calculator and Salary Search, as well as sending them job alerts, so they don’t miss an opportunity. The business model works by selling Pay Per Click jobs adverts to Enterprise, SMBs, placement agencies, and jobs boards looking to recruit candidates – alongside displaying Adsense.

Thanks to our range of products that bring value to both job seekers and recruiters, we also own unique data that enables us to analyse and forecast an up-to-the-minute status of the labour force across the various markets we cover.
Talent.com - IHR

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Talent.com started as ‘neuvoo’ (Finnish for “advise/counsel”) in Montreal in 2011 and was founded by three friends who met in Switzerland. The team were united by a desire to launch a business that would change the ways companies recruit. Tech-oriented and self-taught web developer, Benjamin Philion; finance expert, Maxime Droux; and business developer, Lucas Martinez launched neuvoo as a service to help recruiters better measure their recruitment ROI.

Our strength comes from being newcomers in the recruitment industry: it enables us to approach the idea of hiring from a fresh perspective. We use our strong backgrounds in marketing and finance to place performance analysis at the centre of our clients’ model.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

The last couple of years has seen a great change, notably our rebrand to ‘Talent.com’ in 2020. We began as a platform which focused on optimising online search results and content marketing tools (such as a salary/income tax calculator) to drive traffic. We have now built our platform into a trusted brand and use AI as part of our software to improve search results for job seekers.

In the ten years since launch, Talent.com has grown to a team size of over 400 employees worldwide, distributed across 6 countries. Our turnover in 2021 reached over $95m, with more than half made in the US and Canada.

What can we hope to see from Talent.com in the future?

The current labour market presents a unique opportunity for Talent.com. As of March 2022, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that there are 0.5 unemployed persons per job opening, which means that recruiters are faced with a huge challenge to fill each position. Now more than ever, recruiters must focus resources in the channels that work best.

Our vision is to increase the economic opportunity for humanity by reducing the skills gap, providing better information on labour markets to both employers and employees. In this way, Talent.com can play a significant role in the reskilling revolution and in turn, contribute to the economic advancement of humanity.