A Chat with Lucy Smith, Founder at Neurita Tequila

Neurita Tequila is a completely fresh take on Tequila, a range of naturally flavoured Tequilas crafted to be the perfect base for what we call ‘Margarita Mixology’, Tequila longer serves. Neurita uses premium Tequila sourced from Jalisco Mexico and infuses it with natural fruit extracts.

Our flavoured Tequila range has been crafted to be the perfect base for a classic Margarita in three simple steps, without the need for triple sec. Neurita is about making the best tasting Tequila cocktails as deliciously and simply as possible, but it’s also breathing new life into an old classic. Neurita’s Margarita Spritz is our signature cocktail which you will be hearing a lot about very soon.


How did you come up with the idea for Neurita?

My friends and I have always loved Margaritas and over the years I have become a lover of Tequila, but never found a brand that represented the spirit the way I saw it. I found Tequila to be living in a bit of an outdated world. The big Tequila brands are very masculine and stoic in tone, contrasting the light and uplifting tone of Margarita moments.

While there are ‘Margarita pre-mix’ drinks targeting women, most are very sugary and juvenile in tone. It got me thinking ‘why should the serious ‘real’ Tequila brands be for men and only watered-down sugary versions for females? The women I enjoy Margaritas with deserved something better, so I decided to make it for them.

Neurita is here to break the 2D world tequila currently lives in, why do you need to be stone faced and serious to be a serious contender? Why can’t a Tequila brand hold serious quality credentials but also the uplifting playfulness of fun Margaritas? I found it similar to a lot of other 2D things in life, needing to act in a certain way in certain situations to ‘fit in’. Neurita’s range of premium fruit infused Tequilas push the boundaries for what you think tequila can be – premium tequila, delicious fruit flavours, best for mixing drinks.


What have been your biggest challenges to get to launch and how have you overcome these?

Funnily enough the biggest challenges we’ve faced have been the ones we though would be the smallest. We are working hand in hand with a family run Tequila distillery in Mexico, our supply manger is a close friend of the family so this has made Tequila supply simpler for us which is the biggest challenge when starting a Tequila brand. On the other hand, little things like getting cartons and lids supplied on time from local suppliers has caused delays.

I think it’s the way of supply chain globally at the moment though, very unpredictable. We have managed to secure large quantities of raw materials which will help us to keep our supply post launch consistent.

What can we hope to see from Neurita in the future?

Neurita is here to push the boundaries of what Tequila is – fruit infused Tequila crafted to Margaritas and perfect for mixing. While we hero the Margarita, our Rosa (pink tequila) and Citrus products can certainly be used for a wide range of Tequila cocktails. We’ll be sharing our Neurita winter recipes in the lead up to Christmas and leading into summer next year with a few more products up our sleeve.