A Chat with Luis Molina, Co-Founder at Trading Intelligence Network: Superalgos

Superalgos is first and foremost a community-owned, token-incentivized open-source project. Sounds like a mouthful, but those three adjectives truly describe the nature and the spirit of the collaboration.

You may think of Superalgos as the Wikipedia of crypto-trading in the sense that all of the technology and intelligence created by the community is freely available.

The main difference with a collaboration like Wikipedia is that — in Superalgos — contributions are rewarded with the project’s native crypto token. Holding the token is the business model of the whole collaboration!
Superalgos (@Superalgos) / Twitter

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Back in the summer of 2017, a friend I had introduced to the crypto industry came to me with the idea of automating a bitcoin trading strategy he was working on. He is a career trader in investment banks.

I quickly noticed that trading is a complex business. My background in developing systems for banks came in handy: it made me realize that I needed to approach trading automation like I would a mission-critical financial system.

Automating a single strategy made no sense. It would have required the same tech infrastructure to run a single bot or a thousand. I knew there was something bigger behind this idea.


What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs must think out of the box: they need to find new ways of doing things, as entrepreneurship itself is changing.

Technology may enable new ways of doing things, but disruption usually results from innovation in business models. If you build a startup with the typical business model, you are setting yourself up to compete with a thousand other startups. If you wish to build the next dominant network, you must do things differently.

What can we hope to see from Superalgos in the future?

We are currently transitioning from a niche-market focus to a mass-market focus. The Superalgos Platform caters to technical people: the intersection of traders in crypto, with a technical background.

We spent three and a half years building this platform to give it away for free, as open-source software. Why? Because this niche-market product lays out the foundations of our mass-market product!

Can you explain the business model of Superalgos, since there are no C-Suite executives?

The business model is the greatest innovation of Superalgos. It all revolves around the Superalgos (SA) Token.

People building the project — contributors — get tokens in reward for their work. Because the project doesn’t have operational costs and all work is produced by contributors, then the Superalgos Platform may be offered to algo traders free of charge.

Pretty much like contributors building the tech infrastructure, algo traders may earn project tokens too if they contribute part of the trading intelligence they produce with the platform!

This is how we may let crypto users benefit from free social trading apps and free trading signals!

The token has a value because of its utility: token holders may participate in governance and have priority getting trading signals, which improves trading performance.

In a mature phase, Superalgos will become a dominant open trading intelligence network like Bitcoin and Lightning will become the dominant digital payments network.

Superalgos will eventually channel a significant fraction of the world’s trading volume. The token that grants governance rights and priority access in the dominant trading intelligence network will become a coveted commodity.