A Chat with Luke Tobin About Micro-Mobility E-Scooter Company: Electrick Wheels

Electrick Wheels began because of a passion for the micro-mobility movement.

We believe that if everyone took less trips in their cars and started using e-scooters to pop by and see friends or to travel to and from work, then we’d see a significant positive change in our overall carbon impact. It’s this idea, as simple as it is, that has driven the company forward.

But that’s not all – there were clearly some serious gaps in the e-scooter market that needed to be filled. We wanted to create e-scooters that were accessible to all budgets but still featured the safety and quality-of-life systems that we’ve come to expect.

Electrick Wheels’ vision is to help make the whole world a more advanced and sustainable place by making e-scooters appeal to a wider audience. By changing the way we move and commute, we truly believe that we can change this planet for the better.


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How has the company evolved during the pandemic?


With the pandemic forcing people away from public transportation, people have been looking for alternatives, which has meant that there’s been a push towards micro-mobility solutions.

The pandemic has also coincided with e-scooter trials throughout the country, some of which have led to safety concerns. Safety has always been our top priority, which is why we’ve been busy designing and implementing a number of different safety accessories and features. For example, an impact-resistant helmet with rechargeable front and rear LED safety lights. We’ve also created a sleek holdall so our scooters can be easily carried through the city.

Also, in alignment with our vision for sustainability, we’ve recently partnered with Earthly, a ClimateTech platform, which has allowed us to pledge that, for each scooter sold, we will plant one tree.



What can we hope to see from Electrick Wheels in the future?


Electrick Wheels has always been about innovation that makes sense, not just innovation for innovation’s sake. This idea is woven into all of our products and accessories, and it’s something that we intend to stick to moving forward.

While we would like to be able to provide an e-scooter for anyone who feels they would benefit, we understand that ownership isn’t something that suits everyone’s lifestyle. That’s why we plan on introducing a sharing platform that will allow riders to seamlessly pick up and drop off their transport as and when it suits them. It’s this sort of convenience that makes e-scooters so appealing in the first place, so building on this idea certainly interests us.