A Chat with Maria Lozovik, Co-Founder and Portfolio Manager at Marsham Investment Management

Marsham Investment Management is a London-based investment manager which puts innovative artificial intelligence technology and in-depth fundamental analysis at the core of its investment philosophy. Founded in 2016, Marsham provides fund management services across asset classes, as well as tailored externally managed accounts solutions. We now manage four liquid funds and are ranked number one for our USD broad bond fund by Camradata.

Marsham has a keen focus on sustainability, as we believe that climate change has established itself as the next super cycle and is a major new driving force for the markets. Marsham is a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment and we have pioneered a climate transition strategy in fixed income.

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Why are you different?

Unlike other investment firms, we rely on specialist technologies to sift through numerous types of data and identify companies that will be future frontrunners in sustainability. Our team consists solely of professionals with at least 10 years’ experience, and we use AI to cover the work that juniors would normally do. Thanks to this high-level, tech-enabled investment analysis, our funds have been performing well despite the market volatility and we have not taken any losses on investments since the start of 2022.

In addition, Marsham offers a unique blend of professional investment management and a personalised approach to investors’ requirements. We take on board client feedback around their preferred products and exposures and devise managed portfolio strategies that align with this.

What AI do you use?

We use Sevva.ai, an AI platform developed in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, which

provides real-time ESG ratings on every public and private company globally. The platform scans millions of public disclosures, transcripts, reports and other filings in seconds to produce sustainability assessments based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

It reads both numeric data and text, and its machine translation capabilities mean that the underlying data sources can be in any language, which gives us the best chance of finding investments that will have a positive sustainable impact and generate high returns.

How does it help you in your investment process?

Not only does Sevva.ai helps us save time and resources when analysing company’s ESG ratings, but it also has several unique advantages. Most ESG ratings are static and do not allow the users to look through to the underlying data source, acting as a bit of a black box, whereas Sevva.ai provides a precise breakdown of all the primary data sources used to produce the rating.

The platform also breaks the overall ESG score down into each of the 17 UN SDGs and additional governance criteria, allowing us to see where each company’s strengths and weaknesses are in ESG. Another advantage is that it provides up-to-date ratings of every company globally, whereas other providers only cover around 60% of our investment universe.

How does it fit in your transitional issuers strategy?

Transitional issuers are companies that are not yet leaders in ESG, but which – with the right investment and strategies in place – are adapting their operations to become more sustainable. Sevva.ai helps us identify companies that are serious about climate change and have a green future ahead, distinguishing these issuers from those that are just trying to ‘tick a green box’.

We see strong upside potential in undervalued and overlooked industries, and our Transitional Issuers fund invests in promising companies in sectors like packaging, industrials, auto and building materials.


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