A Chat with Marie Petrovicka, COO at Food Marketplace App And Community Platform: Delli

DELLI is an exciting new marketplace app and community platform that provides the opportunity for independent food makers to bring their food and drink to a curious and enthusiastic buying community.

Unique, high-quality and often limited-edition products are produced and listed by Makers on the app, to be discovered by those seeking interesting foodie finds in London and beyond. We also shine a real light on those producing these incredible food and drink – we love to get to know our community and share their stories. It’s these human connections that really make DELLI special.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

There are a number of differentiating qualities about DELLI – the drop model employed makes the purchasing experience special and exciting. Products are often exclusively available on DELLI and available in limited quantities, so the thrill of securing something that not just anyone can get their hands on is a huge part of the appeal for our community (for those buying as well as selling).

It also inherently reduces food waste as well as helps our Makers manage their cash flow and ingredients – something we really believe in at DELLI. Previous drops have been known to sell out in 8 minutes, which I think is a testament to the value DELLI can bring to independent makers.

A purchase on DELLI goes deeper than the product itself – it’s the fascinating stories and Makers behind the drops that people are drawn to, ultimately creating and connecting communities. We also have worked hard to make the listing and buying experience as simple as possible for those using our app – trying to break down the barriers that many small producers face.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Since launching at the beginning of 2022, DELLI’s community team has grown its roster of Makers – most being those working in the food & drink industry, dropping on DELLI as a ‘side hustle’. In these first crucial months of establishing DELLI, its 200-strong ‘founding community’ of passionate Makers has also naturally uncovered emerging trends within food – highlighting lesser known ingredients, new (or incredibly old) methods of producing food and drink as well as new health trends.

With this growing community base, DELLI has also been instrumental in collaborations between its Makers – making introductions and facilitating the creativity amongst its young community. This is something we hope to increase as we continue to grow.

What can we hope to see from Delli in the future?

As a community-first operation, DELLI has plans to bring people together outside of the app through more pop-up events and workshops, to provide unique food and drink experiences and to see many more interesting and fruitful collaborations between our community members.


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