A Chat with Marie Reynolds, Founder at Skin Care Wellness Brand: Marie Reynolds London

Marie Reynolds London is a company that encompasses a 360 approach to skin and wellness, looking beyond skin conditions and symptomatology to understand the causes of imbalance.

The company was born from my 36 years’ experience in the skin and wellness industry during which I have developed a unique approach to the skin and our overall health. My ethos and the approach to all of my work is ‘“THE BODY IS LIKE A HUMAN NOVEL, YOU JUST HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO READ THE CHAPTERS” – I am obsessed with looking at different lines, moles and markers on the body because everything is linked.

Over the years I have been a therapist, a judge for major industry competitions and awards and have worked behind the scenes with some of the world’s biggest skincare brands to help develop their best-selling lines; I have also lectured around the world in Skin Care Treatments, Nutrition and Advanced Consulting and have taught many complementary health practitioners and therapists across the globe.

This experience led me to launch my own skincare and supplement line in 2018, with the ethos that good skincare is about feeding the microbiome and protecting the lipid barrier.

Alongside the launch of my brand, I have continued to develop and expand my skin and wellness treatments – which I practice from my Norfolk clinic and my residency at Fortnum & Mason, London.

Through treatments I look at the energetic stresses that may be causing a physical imbalance, because all physical manifestations start off energetically. We are not 2D beings, we are interactive symbiotic forms so there are many facets to our health and wellbeing. I don’t make any wild claims, I just look at the energetic stresses and aim to bring balance and homeostasis to the person to help the body regain its energetic status quo.
Marie Reynolds London

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I had a difficult time working for a company, which ended in a legal battle. I won the case but was left unemployed as a single mother and a little girl to look after. So, I sold my house, moved in with my parents and invested in my own brand. It has been daunting at times and I have taken big risks along the way, but it has paid off – I have been able to help thousands of
people, which makes it all worthwhile.

My approach to skin & wellness is unique. When training as a therapist, you are taught to give you client a consultation form to fill out before any treatment – but they will only tell you what they want you to know, and these forms can be restrictive.

At MRL, we look at each client’s profile holistically, painting a picture of their body and lives – from the moment they are conceived, how they are born, how they chew – to how they poo and everything in between. The consultation is very in-depth.

We may also ask to look at feet, the shape of their nostrils, ears and backs, and I’ll notice what they’re doing with their
mouth. If someone is talking really fast, breathing from the upper chest, or twiddling their hands then that can indicate anxiety or stress, which can link in with certain sensitivities.

I don’t believe in skin types or conditions – I see diet, lifestyle and internal factors as responsible for the majority of skin issues, so the consultation element is so important in order to get to the root cause of what is manifesting on the skin and in the body.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

I have done digital consultations for a few years now. I have clients from all around the world so this is the best way for me to have 1-2-1 time with them, wherever they are. Since the pandemic, I have been busier than ever with new (and existing) clients needing my help with a number of ailments. During lockdown I had to diversify how I was offering treatments, and
my products also played a huge part in the at home treatment process, we really had to educate on how and why to use certain products at home.

As a result of all this, I have been doing a lot more distance therapy – such as Distance Energy Therapy – which I am able to do remotely. I have also grown my treatment offerings in my clinic.

Product wise, we have been looking at how we can continue to support the body from dis-ease and dis-harmony. We launched a few new supplements last year to help with a variety of issues.

I have also been exploring social media such as Instagram Lives, and Tikok, as a means of educating my followers and the general public about the MRL approach to skin and wellness. I am always looking at new ways we can incorporate and use technology for the brand, to help us grow and get the message of Marie Reynolds London and our approach out there to more people that we might be able to help.

What can we hope to see from Marie Reynolds London in the future?

We will always continue to educate clients that you are much more than skin and bone, you are energetic beings that emit frequencies. These frequencies change daily and are influenced by our own diet, lifestyle and thought patterns as well as external influences – we are what we are by our environment, what we think, eat and inherit.

We will be expanding the MRL product line to incorporate more essential skin products and we have hopes to launch into new markets in the near future.