A Chat with Máté Kun, Co-Founder at Food-Tech Startup: Growth Kitchen

Growth Kitchen is a food-tech startup transforming the way people eat at home.

Our smart satellite kitchen network makes scaling and managing kitchens a piece of cake for top restaurants. Which in turn brings more exciting, affordable, and sustainable restaurant-quality food options to the end consumer, anywhere in the country — direct to their living rooms.

Since launching in June 2021, Growth Kitchen has become a trusted partner of leading restaurant brands, such as Tortilla, The Athenian, Popeyes and Kricket.

By giving our restaurant partners priority access to Growth Kitchen software, we are able to work with brands to bring the right restaurants to the right postcodes — finally cracking the delivery kitchen model.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

As management consultants, my co-founder Tom and I had many disappointing experiences with food delivery. Because we travelled constantly, we had to order takeaway food almost daily, which left us dissatisfied with the experience most of the time.

Every order was becoming hit-and-miss. Food was simply too expensive for the quality and the effort trawling through unknown restaurants — only for food to arrive late or cold — wasn’t really worth it.

That’s when we both realised that the food industry needed to provide the same kind of convenience and consistency customers receive and expect in other aspects of their daily lives. When we buy affordable items online anytime from Amazon or watch our favourite TV shows when we want on Netflix, why shouldn’t our meals also be top quality and on-demand?

The idea of bringing top restaurants closer to customers, wherever they are, is how Growth Kitchen was born.

How has the company evolved over the last year?

Since the first meal went out the door at Growth Kitchen in June 2021, we have built strong foundations for a thriving business. Closing a successful seed round of £3 million at the beginning of this year has allowed us to build a strong initial footprint in top London locations.

We’ve onboarded 20 customers and closed multi-site deals and long-term partnerships with high performing QSR brands, but the best is yet to come.

What can we hope to see from Growth Kitchen in the future?

For the coming months, we will be doubling down on providing a repeatable model to help incredible restaurants — that people want to order from — scale, in the best locations across dense urban areas in the UK. We will be partnering up with the most innovative landlords and real estate investors to help them future-proof underused assets by turning them into Growth Kitchens.

At the same time, we will be delivering sustained best-in-class customer service and a valuable tech proposition to our restaurant brands. As the markets recover, we will be in a very strong position to scale fast and smart across our target markets.


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