A Chat with Maziar Adl, Co-Founder and CTO at Gocious: Product Strategy PRM Software for Manufacturers

Gocious started with helping product managers and product teams in the manufacturing industry. For manufacturers, product management always seemed to lag compared to other industries.

We saw a gap in empowerment, so the idea came from having teams with more influence in the company focus on product management’s function and proper tooling at a high level.
Gocious Launches First-Ever Product Roadmap Management Solution for Durable  Goods Manufacturers

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Our principal founder, Jake Shafran, realized a gap in product planning and product management in the automotive industry, so he started this initiative.

It became clear that the gap wasn’t specifically for the automotive industry but the wider manufacturing industry. From there, Jake decided to create Gocious to help fill the gap.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

During the pandemic, things started shifting due to supply chain disruptions, globalization, and a strong pull towards more sustainable and diversified energy.

This shift caused many manufacturers to rethink their day-to-day operations and the products they put on the market. Gocious started looking at the dynamics and realized a strong need for agile thinking and flexibility in enterprises that overlook manufacturing operations. We started shifting our product to focus specifically on a higher level.

We brought the organization together by offering a dashboard showing transparency and more control to the product teams. We wanted to ensure the products were in line with market needs, and today, if there needs to be a shift due to the market or supply chain, we ensure employees can shift the product to keep it towards the company’s objectives.

What can you hope to see from Gocious in the future?

We started with just a general idea that we can be of service to manufacturing firms and manufacturing industries, especially those with complex planning procedures. We have since shifted our focus to providing an interpretation tool for strategic planning and strategic roadmaps with clear differentiation in the market.

Our new Product Roadmap Management (PRM) solution focuses on providing a comprehensive picture of a product team’s scope and allows them to respond faster to resolve issues more effectively under a single source of truth that ensures product and organizational goals are aligned.

By piecing components together on a roadmap, you can give them a dashboard to track their progress towards specific objectives by measuring certain metrics and gathering people around it more efficiently.