A Chat with Michael Karlsen, CEO and Co-Founder at Global IoT Connectivity Stack: Onomondo

I co-founded Onomondo back in 2012 alongside Henrik Aagaard. From the very beginning we were united by one thing: rethinking and expanding what’s possible with IoT connectivity, helping make the IoT promise a reality.

We’ve done this by rethinking and redesigning the existing connectivity architecture to create a single virtualised IoT network, without reliance on the traditional operator network stack. Instead, Onomondo has integrated more than 700 operators at the Radio Access Network (RAN) level across more than 180 countries, as well as layering our own API-based IoT platform on top.

This gives our customers access to the world’s most powerful IoT stack from the ground up, making connectivity far more transparent, efficient and flexible, and enabling new IoT use cases across the globe.
The global IoT connectivity stack - Onomondo

What do you think makes this company unique?

There’s simply like nothing like Onomondo on the market today – we are truly unique. However, the IoT connectivity market is very crowded, and it’s easy to see why we get confused with others in the space, particularly MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). The key difference is that, unlike any other MVNO, we’ve built and operate our own network core from the ground up, which offers end-to-end control and visibility from any base station (cellular antenna) across the world to any cloud.

Essentially, this might make us look like your average MVNO on the very surface on things, but with 700 networks offered across 180 countries in our Network Marketplace, we offer an unprecedented level of control and flexibility. Adding to the “basics” of offering this connectivity, we have built an IoT tech stack with a set of unique power tools on top, which makes the service fundamentally different from anything else available on the market today.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

In July, we finalised a $21M growth investment led by Verdane with participation from existing investors, including Maersk Growth, which have supported us from very early on in our journey.

Prior to this round, we have focused broadly on building and scaling our outbound sales engine, allowing us to add several top-tier logos such as Bosch and Carlsberg. Further, we launched Cloud SIMs for all the major cloud vendors in IoT, which gives our customers access to full plug-and-play connectivity.

What can we hope to see from Onomondo in the future?

This new funding allows us to now accelerate our strategy and capture more market share predominantly in Europe. We plan to invest specifically in productization, lowering the entry barrier and ease of use, to further differentiate our leadership in an increasingly competitive and complex IoT Market.

I believe we’ve yet to see the promise of IoT come to fruition, but we’re on the precipice of change. In Onomondo, we’ve built an invisible link between the physical world and the cloud – one that promises to unleash the full potential of IoT. By removing connectivity from the equation, we’re aiming to enable the fourth industrial revolution.